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Hurricane Mk. I
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Hurricane Mk. I

Only twelve out of 50 originally ordered were delivered. Because the war had begun, the British government received priority from Hawker. Anyway, after Romania joined the Axis the acquisition of new Hurricanes from England was out of the question.

The available Hurricanes were assigned to the 53rd Fighter Squadron, which in 1941 was included in the Dobruja Air Comand. Its main mission was to defend the Constanta harbor and Cernavoda railway bridge. It also carried out bomber escort missions.

During the first day of war (22 June 1941) the Romanian Hurricanes shot down four I-16s, opening the kill list of one of the most successful fighter squadron of the 1941 campaign, during which they claimed 35 Soviet aircraft. The lack of spare parts was a very big problem for the Romanian Hurricanes and after more IAR-80s became available in late 1942 and early 1943 they were taken out of active duty.

One notable thing to mention is that the top Romanian ace, cpt. Constantin Cantacuzino, got his first four kills on this aircraft in 1941.


Hurricane Mk.I

Picture from "Rumanian Air Force, the prime decade 1938-1947" by Dénes Bernád, Squadron/Signal Publications, 1999


Wingspan 12.192 m
Length 9.75 m
Height 3.67 m
Weight (empty) 2306 kg
Weight (loaded) 3021 kg
Maximum speed 510 km/h
Climbs to 5040 m 6 min.
Maximum ceiling 12000 m
Range 966 km
Engine Rolls Royce Merlin III 1030 HP
Machine-guns 8x7.7 mm
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