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The Ju-88A4 was the best "heavy" bomber of ARR during WWII and was very much loved by the airmen who flew it, like cdor. av. (VR) Dan Stoian.

In March 1943, the 6th Bomber Group began training with the newly arrived Ju-88A4s. By June it was declared ready for action and moved to the front with its 25 bombers. The first mission took place on 18 June, but the first losses occurred on 22. Things got worse and after one month of combat the group had lost 8 airplanes and another 6 were under repairs.

Some of the pilots and the remaining airplanes were transferred to the elite 5th Bomber Group, which was also converting to the Ju-88A4. By 10 August their training was complete. The first missions of the 5th Bomber Group on the new airplanes was on 15 August. The group continued to operate on the front throughout 1943 and 1944 and the losses were replaced by the Germans. They also claimed some sixteen VVS fighters shot down, the first of which was on 20 September against two Airacobras.

The events of 23 August 1944 caught them by surprise. Only one Ju-88A4 squadron (the 77th) could be raised for the new anti-Axis campaign. Because of the severe losses and maintenance problems, the remaining five Ju-88A4s were joined with the Ju-88D1s of the 2nd Long Range Recon Squadron in October. They operated together until the end of the war, on 12 May 1945.


The Ju-88A4

Picture from "Rumanian Air Force, the prime decade 1938-1947" by Dénes Bernád, Squadron/Signal Publications, 1999

Wingspan 20 m
Length 14.4 m
Height 4.85 m
Weight (empty) 9860 kg
Weight (loaded) 12105 kg; 14000 kg max
Maximum speed at 5300 m 470 km/h
Maximum operational ceiling 8199 m
Range 1790 km; 2729 max
Engines 2xJunkers Jumo 211J-1/2 1340 HP
Machine-guns 3x7.92 mm & 2x13.2 mm or
7x7.92 mm
Crew 4
Bombs up to 2500 kg
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