Romanian Armed Forces
in the Second World War
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Mountain Divisions
1st Mountain Brigade (1941-42)
1st Mountain Division (1942-44)
2nd Mountain Brigade (1941-42)
2nd Mountain Division (1941-45)
3rd Mountain Brigade (1941-42)
3rd Mountain Division (1941-45)
4th Mountain Brigade (1941-42)
4th Mountain Division (1941-44)
18th Mountain Division (1943-44)
103rd Mountain Division (1944)
1st Mountain Division (1942-44)
  • 1st Mountain Group
    • 2nd Mountain Battalion
    • 3rd Mountain Battalion General de divizie principe Friederich von Hohenzolern
    • 23rd Mountain Battalion
  • 2nd Mountain Group
    • 1st Mountain Battalion Regele Carol al II-lea
    • 4th Mountain Battalion
    • 24th Mountain Battalion
  • 1st Mountain Artillery Group
    • 1st Mountain Howitzer Battalion
    • 2nd Mountain Gun Battalion
  • 2nd Mountain Pioneer Battalion

The unit was created by renaming the 1st Mountain Brigade into the 1st Mountain Division on 15 March 1942. It was deployed continuously in the Soviet Union until 12 May 1944, when a part of its forces were evacuated from Sevastopol (in total 6,031 men), with the price of sacrificing the 1st, 3rd and 4th Mountain Battalions, the 173rd AT Battery and a heavy mortar company, which remained behind to defend the bridgehead until the end.

While in Romania in the process of refitting, the division took part in the anti-Axis campaign in Transylvania. It returned to its garrison on 18 November 1944. Shortly after that it was disbanded at the request of the Allied Control Commission.

Author: Victor Nitu
Dutu A., Dobre F., Loghin L. Armata Romana in al doilea razboi mondial (1941-1945) - Dictionar Enciclopedic, Editura Enciclopedica, 1999
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