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Awards from the royal period
Order of Michael the Brave
Order of the Star of Romania
Order of the Crown of Romania
Military Virtue Medal
Order and Medal of Bene Merenti
The Medal for Loyalty and Courage
Order of Michael the Brave
Michael the Brave Order 3rd class, model 1941.

Data instituted: 26 September 1916 (By Royal Decree No. 2968/1916)

Classes: 3rd, 2nd and 1st

Description: During WWII three models of the order were awarded: 1916, 1941 (instituted on 8 October 1941) and 1944 (instituted on 18 October 1944)

The order had the design of a cross flory made of gilt and covered with blue enamel, with King Ferdinand's cipher on the obverse and 1916 on the reverse. The 2nd and the 3rd classes had the cross surmounted by the royal crown made of gold plated silver. The 3rd class crown was 20 mm long, while for the 2nd class it had 28 mm in length. The 3rd class cross was 40 mm long and had to be worn on the left breast; the 2nd class was 60 mm in length and was worn around the neck while the 1st class was also 60 mm long and was worn like a brooch on the left breast. The ribbon was made of dark cherry-colored moiré, 37 mm wide, bordered by a 3 mm golden stripe on each side

On the 1941 model, the cipher of Mihai I and the year 1941 were added on the cross: 1st class had from up to down: 1916, Ferdinand's cipher, Mihai's cipher and 1941. The 2nd and 3rd classes had on the obverse the royal crown, Mihai's cipher and 1941 and on the back the royal crown, Ferdinand's cipher and 1916.

The 1944 model had two 57 mm swords added to the 1st and 2nd classes of the 1916 model and 38 mm swords to the 3rd class. The 1st class had on the obverse the crown and Mihai's cipher. The 2nd and 3rd classes had on the obverse the crown and Mihai's cipher and on the reverse the year 1944.

The "with swords" model was adopted on 18 October 1944. It was meant to replace the 1941 model, which was also awarded to the German allies while Romania was part of the Axis and the distinction between the new and old allies had to be made in some way. There were several cases of Romanian officers who received both the 1941 and the 1944 models and even three cases of generals who received the 3rd class of the 1944 model after they had received the 2nd class of the 1941 model.

Number awarded: 2184

During WW1:

  • 1st class: 16
  • 2nd class: 12
  • 3rd class: 336 (of which 43 awarded to military units)

During WW2:

  • 1st class: 15
  • 2nd class: 76 (of which 13 awarded to military units)
  • 3rd class: 1628 (of which 118 awarded to military units)

Requirements: Awarded to officers only for exceptional deeds on the battlefield. It is the highest ranking Romanian military order.

Romanian officers decorated with Order of Michael the Brave

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Radu Aurel  (29 April 2010)
Eu cred ca listele cu persoanele care au primit Ordinul Mihai Viteazul au fost publicate in Monitorul Oficial. Pentru a afla nr. si data MO ati putea sa consultati mai intai REPERTORIU GENERAL ALFABETIC al tuturor codurilor, legilor, decretelor-legi, convenţiuni, decrete, regulamente, etc. 1 ianuarie 1860-1 ianuarie 1940 publicate in Monitorul Oficial, Colecţia C. Hamangiu, Consiliul Legislativ şi în alte colecţiuni similare, întocmit de prof. George Alexianu, Imprimeria Centrală Bucureşti, 1941. 

Sper ca a fost de folos!

Constantin Panescu  (13 November 2007)
Buna ziua,

As dori sa aflu unde pot gasi o lista oficiala cu numele persoanelor decorate cu Ordinul Mihai Viteazul. Am indicii ca bunicul meu ar fi fost decorat cu acest ordin, dar nu sunt sigur fiindca nu am vazut niciodata decoratia. Din pacate, el a murit de mult si singura mea sansa de a afla care este adevarul este sa caut prin arhive. Daca puteti, va rog frumos, dati-mi un indiciu.

Va multumesc,
Constantin Panescu