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Cavalry Divisions
1st Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
1st Cavalry Division (1942-43)
1st Cavalry Division (1943-45)
5th Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
5th Cavalry Division (1942-43)
5th Cavalry Division (1943-44)
6th Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
6th Cavalry Division (1942-44)
7th Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
7th Cavalry Division (1942-43)
8th Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
8th Cavalry Division (1942-43)
8th Motorized Cavalry Division (1943-45)
9th Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
9th Cavalry Division (1942-45)
1st Cavalry Division (1942-43)
  • 11th Motorized Calarasi Regiment
  • 1st Rosiori Regiment General Corp de Armata Alexandru Averescu
  • 2nd Rosiori Regiment Prunaru
  • 1st Horse Artillery Regiment
  • 1st Howitzer Battalion/1st Motorized Artillery Regiment (from 23 September 1942 to the fall of Stalingrad)

It was created on 15 March 1942, through the reorganization and transformation of the 1st Cavalry Brigade.

During the autumn of 1942 and winter of 1942-43, the division took part in the Battle of Stalingrad, most of it falling into the encirclement. Because it only had one artillery regiment, on 23 September 1942, the 1st Howitzer Battalion/1st Motorized Artillery Regiment was transferred from the 1st Armored Division to the 1st Cavalry Division.

In the spring of 1943 its remains returned home. The last detachment arrived on 4 April 1943. There were left in total 101 officers, 102 NCOs, 2,383 soldiers, which were armed with 1,470 rifles, 4 ZB LMGs and one ZB-37 HMG. For transportation they had just 189 horses, 37 carts, 25 motor vehicles and only one R-1 light tank.

Since the beginning of the war, the division had suffered the following losses, most of which occurred at Stalingrad: 180 officers, 170 NCOs, 5,660 soldiers, 6,175 rifles, 271 pistols, 243 ZB LMGs, 66 HMGs, 57 mortars, 39 artillery pieces, 6,804 horses, 603 horse-drawn carts, 106 motor vehicles and 5 R-1 light tanks. It had also received replacement as the war went on 60 officers, 69 NCOs, 2,119 soldiers, 1,131 rifles, 36 ZB LMGs, 10 HMGs, 21 mortars, 9 artillery pieces, 334 horses, 144 carts and 14 motor vehicles. Thus, after approximately two years of war, the division had been almost totally destroyed.

In the same period, the 1st Cavalry Division had captured about 3,000 POWs, 1,500 rifles, 100 LMGs, 40 HMGs, one howitzer, 11 trucks, 2 motorcycles and 500 horses.

On 20 March 1943 it was merged with the remains of the 7th Cavalry Division.

Author: Victor Nitu

Dutu A., Dobre F., Loghin L. Armata Romana in al doilea razboi mondial (1941-1945) - Dictionar Enciclopedic, Editura Enciclopedica, 1999

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