Romanian Armed Forces
in the Second World War
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Photo Gallery
Western Front
Western Front

A WWI veteran: the 75 mm Schneider model 1897 from the 6th Horse Artillery Regiment in Hungary in November 1944

Pioneers from the 1st Cavalry Division planting mines in January 1945 in Slovakia. The mines are in wooden boxes, so they won't be detected

Romanian soldiers operating a 15 W PP radio transmitter-receiver in November 1944 in Hungary

Romanian mountain troops in Czechoslovakia, April 1945. The soldiers are wearing their charecteristic cap.

A soldier from the 21st Infantry Division escorting two German prisoners. The contrast between their equipment and the Romanian is obvious

A sergeant from the 18th Infantry Division armed with a German Sturmgewehr 44

76.2 mm gun (captured during the campaign in the East) supports with fire the crossing of Tisa.

Artillery of 11th Infantry Division supporting operation at Oarba de Mures (Transylvania), September 1944.

Military of 2nd Infantry Regiment in attack at Oarba de Mures (Transylvania)

120 mm Resita mortar.

MG-34 machinegun nest.

Romanian soldiers operating a MG-42 machinegun in Fatra Mountains (Czechoslovakia), March 1945.

Rifle squad of the 34th Infantry Regiment near Megyaszo (Hungary), 2 December 1944. The soldiers are armed with 7.62mm Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 rifles.

Soldier of 3rd Mountain Division with ZB-30 light-machinegun in Czechoslovakia, April 1945.

Gunners operating a ZB-53 machinegun in Transylvania, October 1944.

Armor column in Transylvania.

Famo tractor towing mired vehicles during the advance in Transylvania, September 1944.

Artillery battery in Czechoslovakia, winter 1944-45.

47mm Schneider antitank gun model 1936 during the operations of winter 1944-45.