Romanian Armed Forces
in the Second World War
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Photo Gallery

Lt. gen. Gheorghe Avramescu

general Petre Dumitrescu

lt. general Nicolae Dascalescu

lt. general Corneliu Dragalina

lt. general Mihail Racovita

Maj. general Ioan Alecu Sion

General of Air Squad Aviator Gheorghe I. Jienescu

Maj. general Mihail Lascar

Lt. general Nicolae Macici

Maj. general Leonard Mociulschi

Lt. general Nicolae Sova

Lt. general Nicolae Ciuperca

Maj. Ioan Palaghita, CO of the 1st Battalion/94th Infantry Regiment, KIA on 9 May 1943. He had been awarded the Mihai Viteazul Order 2nd class and the Knight's Cross

Maj. general Radu Baldescu

General Gheorghe Mihail

Marshal Ion Antonescu

Brigadier general Radu Korne

Brig. general Ioan Dumitrache (right) saluting the troops of the 2nd Mountain Division together with lt. general Gheorghe Avramescu

Brig. gen. Ioan Dumitrache, wearing the Mihai Viteazul Order 3rd class and the Iron Cross 1st class.

General Radu Korne in his inter-war rosior uniform

Uniform that belonged to general Leonard Mociulschi on display in the National Military Museum. In the top right corner there is a photo of the general on the front.

Orders and medals that belonged to brig. gen. Radu Korne on display in the National Military Museum

Colonel Mociulschi in Sighet during a holiday in the interwar period

Virgiliu and Corneliu (right) Dragalina in mourning after the death of their father, general Ioan Dragalina, in 1916

General Corneliu Dragalina, prior t othe war, wearing the Mihai Viteazul Order 3rd class won during WW1.

General Corneliu Dragalina with members of his staff, still having the rank of major general.