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Awards from the royal period
Order of Michael the Brave
Order of the Star of Romania
Order of the Crown of Romania
Military Virtue Medal
Order and Medal of Bene Merenti
The Medal for Loyalty and Courage
Military Virtue Medal
Military Virtue Medal 1st class
Military Virtue Medal 2nd class

Data instituted: 8 April 1872 (a previous version existed since 1864)

Classes: 2nd and 1st

Description: The medal consists of a Leopold cross inside of a circle of laurels. In the center of the obverse is a disc with prince Carol's I profile (in 1872; king from 1881). Around it is inscribed the text: Carol I Domn al Romaniei. The 2nd class was silver, while the 1st class was golden. The ribbon was red and the margins were light blue.

The medal was issued initially to officers and NCOs who had a long military service record, but after the 1877-78 war broke out it was decided to also be awarded for exceptional deeds on the front. To differentiate between those who earned it for an extended service and those who won it on the battlefield, to the former category was added, between the medal and the ribbon, the numeral XII.

By WWII, the medal was no longer awarded for a long military service and was strictly reserved for battlefield deeds.

Number awarded: ?

Requirements: Awarded to NCOs and soldiers only for exceptional deeds on the battlefield. It is the highest ranking Romanian military award for NCOs and soldiers.

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Kath O'sullivan  (11 July 2009)
My father Joshua Margerison Royal Engineers,British Army WW1, was awarded this medal 5 Feb 1920 along with a diploma.

We never knew why he received it, he would not tell.

Kath O'Sullivan nee Margerison New Zealand