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Cavalry Divisions
1st Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
1st Cavalry Division (1942-43)
1st Cavalry Division (1943-45)
5th Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
5th Cavalry Division (1942-43)
5th Cavalry Division (1943-44)
6th Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
6th Cavalry Division (1942-44)
7th Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
7th Cavalry Division (1942-43)
8th Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
8th Cavalry Division (1942-43)
8th Motorized Cavalry Division (1943-45)
9th Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
9th Cavalry Division (1942-45)
7th Cavalry Division (1942-43)
Platoon of the 12th Rosiori Regiment during 1940. One of the soldiers is carrying a ZB-30 LMG
  • 11th Motorized Rosiori Regiment
  • 12th Rosiori Regiment Bazargic
  • 9th Calarasi Regiment
  • 5th Horse Artillery Regiment

It was created on 15 March 1942, through the reorganization and transformation of the 7th Cavalry Brigade.

When it left Romania for front at the Don’s Bend, the division had 227 officers, 193 NCOs and 6,115 soldiers. These were armed with 5,604 rifles, 242 LMGs, 62 HMGs, 42 mortars and 47 artillery pieces. For transport it had 2,748 horses, 436 horse-drawn carts and 136 motor vehicles. A part of the cavalrymen were in fact on foot due to the division’s lack of a sufficient number of horses.

It returned home at the beginning of 1943, having 182 officers, 165 NCOs and 4,621 soldiers, who represented about 76% of the original strength. The equipment was made up of 4,213 rifles, 129 LMGs, 31 HMGs, 31 mortars and 24 artillery pieces. They still had 2,396 horses, 345 horse-drawn carts and 125 motor vehicles. Although the unit had been involved in some very heavy fighting in November and December 1942 and in January 1943, most of it had survived.

On 20 March 1943, the 7th Cavalry Division was disbanded and merged with the remnants of the 1st Cavalry Division.

Author: Victor Nitu
Dutu A., Dobre F., Loghin L. Armata Romana in al doilea razboi mondial (1941-1945) - Dictionar Enciclopedic, Editura Enciclopedica, 1999
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