6th Cavalry Division (1942-44)
Men of the 9th <i>Rosiori</i> Regiment lined up for inspection somewhere in Russia.
  • 10th Motorized Rosiori Regiment
  • 9th Rosiori Regiment Regina Elena
  • 5th Calarasi Regiment
  • 4th Horse Artillery Regiment

It was created on 15 March 1942, through the reorganization and transformation of the 6th Cavalry Brigade.

The 6th Cavalry Division was disbanded in November 1944 after the Soviets imposed an additional protocol to the armistice signed by Romania, through which the Romanian Army had to be reduced to 12 divisions.

Author: Victor Nitu
Dutu A., Dobre F., Loghin L. Armata Romana in al doilea razboi mondial (1941-1945) - Dictionar Enciclopedic, Editura Enciclopedica, 1999
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