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> Forgotten battles of the Romanian front
Morar Andrei
Posted: February 28, 2018 07:36 pm
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I want to open a discussion about that battles from the Romanian front nobody talks about. AMay it bethey were small skirmishes ir battles known only locallt, I want to find more about these.

I will begin with the battles that took place for Fagaras county at the beginning of october 1916.

During 2 October the units of 2nd Romanian Army received the
order to retreat behind the Olt and the Gr. Homorodbach, where they would block the roads through the passes into the Burzenland. The 3 and 6 ID therefore didn't pursue their opponents, but in the evening of the 2nd were already drawing back toward Scharisch. Crainicianu intended to create defensive positions with half of 4 ID at Sinca Vch. and Persiani. 3 ID would guard the road to the Bogat Pass at Heviz (Hoghiz) and the road and railway to Agostonfalva east of Katzendorf (Cața). Between the two divisions, two battalions would deploy east of Comana d.j. on the western slope of the Geisterwald. The second brigade of 4 ID would cover the Army's withdrawal north of Fogaras, while 2 Calarasi Bde (Brigade) did the same in the plains farther south. 6 ID was placed in the Army's reserve; one brigade was sent to Vledeny (Vlădeni) and the other to Al. Rakos (Racoș). 2 CD was instructed to maintain the connection with the North Army from Petek.272. The withdrawal was supposed to be finished that night, but was delayed by the wretched state of the roads. Thus on 3 October the 3 ID just got to Comana d.j. and 6 ID to the Venetia d.j. - Sarkany (Șercaia) area. Only the brigade of 4 ID reached their goal, the narrow point in the valley by Sinca Vch. and Persiani (Perșani). 2 Calarasi Bde established a line of skirmishers farther west. The rear-guard brigade of 4 ID at Fogaras was pushed back in the afternoon of the 3rd by the leading troops of 187 ID, and spent
the night south of Mundra (Mândra). On the allies' side the 51 Honved ID (Infantry Division) and 76 Res ID reached the area southwest of Fogaras without seeing action, and encamped. The Cavalry Corps entered Scharisch. Detachments from 89 and 71 ID occupied the heights which they had lost the day before."

("Austria-Hungary's las war 1914-1918", p.304-305)

Now, it's your turn! What other battles do you know?
If you want to find out a bit more about this battle, check out this link. Hope I got it right!
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