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> Romanian aviation during the Great War
Stig Jarlevik
Posted: June 13, 2011 06:43 pm
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Regarding aviation is there anything out there (on the internet or someones back pocket :) ) with regard to the period should we say 1910-1936?

I have some articles (French - which is not my favourite language but I manage if I have to.... :roll:, and English ) from Air Pictorial, Air Enthusiast, WW 1 Aero, Avions, Le Fana etc since I am mainly interested in aeroplanes (civil and military) and not so much pilots.

In spite of being non romanian speaking /reading I actually got hold of one book dealing with this period, the odd Farman 40 by Serban Ionescu which is quite interesting even if you don't understand a word....

Questions regarding import and use of aircraft up to 1920.
1) Beside what is mentioned by Denes in his AE article the first 25 years, what else is known with regard to import, presumably mostly from France?

2) When the Balkan war and later WW 1 broke out, how did this affect civil aviation in the country? Did it stop altogether or did "some" get permission to continue to use aeroplanes?

3) Were any civil aeroplanes impressed by the Army during this period?

4) When Romania was defeated in 1916 were all aeroplanes saved or were any captured by the Austro-Hungarians? As an aside why was Romania allowed to keep some territory from where it could initiate its summer offensive in 1917 and with of course a large impact of aeroplanes mostly from France?

5) Is anything known of exact details of this "import", such as types, numbers and perhaps even serial numbers?

6) My guess is that Romania acted pretty much by herself in 1915-16 and was not much influenced by either France nor Britain. How did this reflect itself with regard to both combat units and training?

7) The situation was very much different in mid 1917 when the huge influx, from mainly France, arrived. How did this reflect on the units and training?
French help I believe went mostly to the Serbian and Greek fronts, but I also think that some units in the 500 series also went to Romania. Are they considered by Historians to be French units, Romanian units or something in between? Also do you account the aeroplanes used by these units as belonging to the Romanian Army or the French Army?

8) How exact is today the knowledge with regard to the spoils of war brought back to Romania from the disintegrating A-H Empire and particularly the Hungarian campaign?

9) Did any re-organisation take place of the Aviation section of the Army when "peace" once more came to Eastern Europe? If yes how did the first peace time Order of Battle look like? Also what happened to the training side of things after the war?

10) When was the first civil aircraft imported into Romania after WW 1?

THAT will give you guys something to ponder about (I hope ;)

Stig Jarlevik

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