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> Romanian Army against Waffen-SS units?
Posted: December 06, 2011 05:53 pm
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I do, Jakob1944Polizei,
today I received the two books I ordered from them, but I am in Romania, so I don't know how is when you are outside... in a country quite far from us? They would write you very soon and they will tell you if they can send the book or not ... they wrote me that in case I don't get the books in a week, I should notice them by an e-mail! But I got them!
Good luck to you!
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Posted: December 06, 2011 06:42 pm
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Good day to you Andreas,

I heard from dragos by email that he could purchase the book and send
it to USA. He didn't think that the book seller would send it to USA.

I am so glad that both of you guys are so willing to help out.

Regards from USA.
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Posted: April 25, 2012 03:31 pm
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some time ago:

15 September – The enemy attacks the city from three sides: from the West and Northwest by the SS Kampfgruppe Behrends (two mechanized battalions and a tank company),
here the composition of the "Kampfgruppe Behrends" is detailed:
Zu diesem Zwecke hatte er sofort nach dem rumänischen Staatsstreich im Einvernehmen mit dem ehemaligen Geschäftsführer der Volksdeutschen Mittelstelle Berlin und damaligen Polizeichef von Belgrad, SS-Gruppenführer Behrens, in Kikinda die Arbeit aufgenommen. Die von ihm überstürzt aufgebaute „Kampfgruppe Behrens” setzte sich aus etwa 100 Jugoslawiendeutschen, 160 geflüchteten Rumäniendeutschen, 130 rumänischen Legionären und etwa 300 Mann der Polizeitruppe Belgrad zusammen. Sie stand unter dem Befehl des Gruppenführers Behrens

formed by 100 germans from yugoslavia, 160 germans from romania, 130 romanian legionaries(?) (from the "iron guard" coming from belgrade and vienna, as it is explained later) and 300 men from the belgrade police force.

The "Kampfgruppe Behrends" was supported by hungarian regiment to the north, by elements from the 4.SS Polizeidivision to the south.
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