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> A little story......and a question
Posted: October 22, 2003 09:44 pm
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During the fall of 1943, a German infantry company was stationed in the Romanian village of Branesti (Dambovitza County). As the village had no empty buildings to be used as barracks, only the officers requisitioned a house and the troops were being hosted in the villager’s houses, 3 or 4 men per house. The relations between the villagers and the German troops were pretty good at the beginning, but, as their commander couldn’t supervise them all the time, German troopers started to commit various petty crimes. Soon, the atmosphere became heavy with fear and hate.
In the house of Petre-al-Badii (the village’s school teacher) were 3 soldiers. After a month of staying there, they’ve started to steal whatever they considered its worth in his house and garden. He tried to “close his eyes” to avoid trouble, but when they’ve got drunk, killed and fried a pig for a “party”, he denounced them to their Capitan. German officers were keeping a very strict discipline among the troops, as they were trying to avoid conflicts with Romanian villages that were hosting them. The 3 soldiers were severely punished and the Capitan offered his personal excuses for the trouble they’ve made. But those 3 men decided to revenge for the punishment.
After the soldiers returned to the house, they’ve started to search for trouble. Being a rather wise man, Petre-al-Badii ignored them as much as he could, but this only enraged them even more. One day, when Petre-al-Badii was gone to collect wood from the forest, they tried to rape his older daughter (who was 13 on that time). As they did that, 2 of her brothers were home and attacked the Germans with some garden tools. As they were drunk and surprised, 2 German soldiers were injured, one quite badly (broken arm), but the boys were severely beaten, almost killed. Without the help of the German doctor, they would have died.
For that deed, the German Capitan wiped his soldiers in the street, gathering the whole village to watch. Than he moved them to another house and forbidden them to enter Petre-al-Badii’s home again.
Unfortunately, the story did not ended there, as the enraged soldiers tried to get their revenge once more. Around Christmas, they bounced in Petre-al-Badii’s house with their guns in their hands, threatening everybody that they’ll shoot them and bated the whole family. After a while they’ve cooled a little, so Petre-al_Badii saw the moment to do something. He decided to end that forever, so he gave them a lot of wine and “tuica” (plum brandy) to “celebrate” their “victory”.
After the 3 soldiers were dead-drunk, he killed a small pig, roasted it and invited them in the back yard to a party. But he placed the roasted pig on top of the thin roof that covered a pit where he held the roar cement(?) [“groapa de var” – I don’t know how it translates in English]. When they all stud there, the thin roof collapsed and they fell inside, drowning in a few minutes.

Strangely, even if the German commander did not seam to believe that his men accidentally fell in that pit, he took no action against Petre-al-Badii. He only stated that it was their fault, being drunk at duty. The villagers appreciated his decision and so did his men, after that it was no other incident with the Romanian civilians from that village. The German company leaved the area the next summer.


My question is: does anybody know what German unit was that?
The location of Branesti is at about 25 km. from Targoviste, towards Sinaia, in the county of Dambovita.
Posted: October 23, 2003 12:06 pm
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Have you tried Feldgrau? They are specialized in the Wehrmacht. Maybe you get lucky.
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