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> Eastern front starts in 1942, What means that for ww2?
Posted: June 11, 2005 05:58 am
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General de armata

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QUOTE (Alexandru H. @ Jun 11 2005, 05:39 AM)

And about the drawing (I'm turning my serious mood up)... the strange part is that you assumed it was my creation based on my name written on it. Now, I am no lawyer, but even I could tell you that a simple name written on a bench or a document cannot be considered as the proprietory evidence of an individual.

Imperialist, you say I am not your nemesis. Yet you return on the forum and your first thing on the agenda is to attack me. You can't understand that I really had no single advantage to gain from that drawing (since I didn't brag about it, since I did not enforce my ownership over it) except one: as a tool against one of your arguments.

Read along all my texts I made for this forum. In spite of what the moderators, you and other people are thinking about me, and my character (which is strange, because all my life I wanted to be an insensitive, stupid, low jerk and never suceeded at this), I think that what I've written deserved more than bans, warnings or infatuation.

About the drawing... you provided no link, no source, and you put your name on it. Hmm... sure, we dumb people on the forum thought its yours.

About the nemesis... No, I posted other things too, you are not my obsession, but like I said, I was truly surprised when I accidentally ended up on that site and found that map. I thought truth has to be told.

About your texts... I have nothing for or against them. The idea is that you ran enough jokes and pranks and unsuccessful ironies with enough members of this forum which is not a Joke Forum. And people get banned or completely excluded because they dont have your sense of humour or because they are rightly annoyed with it.
Posted: June 11, 2005 08:46 am
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Stop posting off-topic messages. This is a warning.
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Posted: June 11, 2005 11:14 am
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Alexandru H., I expect you to edit your post with the image and provide the real source for it.

Imperialist, thanks for bringing this up.
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