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> German flak units in Romania, Fall 1940
Posted: February 16, 2015 11:25 am
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I'm a new contributor from France particularly interested in the topic of the German build-up in the East in 1940-1941. One interesting point concerning this topic is the Romanian part of the general build-up. That's why I decided to ask my question here.

I'm pretty well-informed concerning the schedule of the German military mission, especially with the arrival of the first elements of the Militärmission in Bucarest on October 12th, 1940 and the transfer of the 13. Infanterie Division (motorisiert) - later 13. Panzer Division - between October 22nd, 1940 and November 10th, 1940.
I'm also aware of the air part of this build-up, with the arrival of the 3./Jagdgeschwader 28 on Bucarest-Pipera airfield at the end of October 1940 (followed by the 1. and 2./Jagdgeschwader 28 later in November 1940), and also the transfer of two recon squadrons (probably the 2.(H)/Aufklärungsgruppe 10 and 3.(H)/Aufklärungsgruppe 13) in Romania.
But I couldn't find anything concerning the Flak units sent in Romania at the same time. Franz Halder in his war diary mentioned on September 26th, 1940 a antiaircraft artillery regiment with a mixed AA and two light groups, but impossible to track them. It should have been the Flak-Regimentsstab 180, but maybe it was instead the Flak-Regimentsstab 202.
Concerning the subordinated groups, maybe one or several of the following ones were involved: I./Flak Regiment 23, I./Flak Regiment 25, I./Flak Regiment 37, I./Flak Regiment 61, leichte Flak-Abteilung 74.

My question is the following one: does someone know what were the Flak units deployed in Romania from October/November 1940 and on?

I'll probably have a lot more questions about Romania, but this first one means a lot to me! smile.gif
Thank you very much by advance,

Very best regards from France,


PS: I posted this same message on another subforum. But it seemed unsuccessful. So I try here. Hope it is ok for the moderators.
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