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Posted by: Dontumetrascu March 23, 2016 01:21 am
Alternate history is a touchy topic among those enthusiastic about the Second World War. This is for several reasons, the greatest one being that it has very few restrictions on where it can go and it often can be taken into non realistic tangents which disregard historical context and in worst case scenario reach ridiculous speculations and conversations. However, if discussed by informed individuals who have intriguing ideas, it can be a very exciting thing. If taken care of well, this topic can create so many interesting intellectual theories. So many problems to overcome and paths to consider when regarding alternate courses of history. I have noticed that this forum has no mention of Second World War alternate history, particularly regarding Romania.

Thus this thread has been created.

Alternate history does not only refer to military actions and operations but also to political, economical, and social changes and happenings. Each of these weighs heavily upon changing the course of a nation, a continent and of course, the future.

Posted by: Dontumetrascu March 23, 2016 02:48 am
One thing I often wonder about as an alternate scenario, is a different outcome in regard to the Second Vienna Award. It always frustrated me slightly to look at the maps and see the Magyar territory arching through Romania, in Transylvania. Perhaps Romania could have kept the land if relations with the Reich would have been much stronger, maybe even strong enough for Germany to favour Romania in the territorial dispute rather than the Hungarians. It is possible that retaining territory could have helped Romania in terms of strength and moral which may have affected the Romanian eastern front battle.

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