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Posted by: davidblader August 04, 2017 01:22 pm
Currently, I only know 3 photos of the Maresal: The one of the front, the one of the inside and the one taken from a distance.
I have three questions:
1. Does anyone have other images of the vehicle, or does anyone know people who might own them?
2. Even though it's very unlikely, are there any people who worked on the Maresal, or people related to them, who might know any currently unknown info?
3. Does anyone know where Maresal plans might be located? Some think Kubinka might have stored info, which is very possible. Who knows if they even have the captured prototypes, appearently, a TACAM T-60 was also tested there, but it's not known what happened to it. It might even be stored somewhere. The question is, does anyone know people who would be able to acces archives of such places, and look for Mareșal and maybe TACAM T-60 info?

Thank you very much! smile.gif

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