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Posted by: Agarici October 19, 2013 10:59 pm

As far as I know, the Motomechanized (Gen. Gh. Rozin) Corps was constituted in late August-early September 1944 on the Transylvanian front, as a part of the Romanian 4th Army. It included the 8th Motorised Cavalry Division, the "Gen. Niculescu" Armoured Detachment (one tank battalion, one motor infantry battalion, ~32 AFV), the 115 Motorized Independent Infantry Regiment (the former Conducator Bodyguard Regiment), the 1st and 3rd Heavy Artillery Regiments (moto) and the 52 Heavy Artillery Motorized Divizion/Battalion. It also subordinated, at least for a period, the 1st Cavalry Division and the 9th Infantry Division, which were among the strognest units of the 4th Army (being frontline, not reserve or training units), and possibly also the 103 Mountain Division.

The Corps took part in the fights against the strong German-Hungarian defence at Sangiorgiu Hill, but apart from that I'm not aware of any other actions. I'd also like to know when, and why, was the Corps disbended (knowing that, by the month October, it ceased to exist).

Posted by: Agarici October 23, 2013 04:39 pm
The Corps had the advantage of the size and number of the motorized units. A major disadvantage was the feebleness of its armoured branch. So it was, in fact, rather a motorized then a mechanized formation.

No info additional about its actions?

Posted by: ANDREAS March 08, 2014 11:01 am
The Moto Mechanized Corps has functioned between late august and early october 1944, leaded by Army Corps General Gheorghe Rozin. Consisted of the 9th Infantry, 1st Cavalry and 8th Motorized Cavalry Divisions, the Armored Detachment, 115th Infantry Regiment, 1st and 3rd Heavy Artillery Regiments and the 52nd Heavy Artillery Division (Battalion). The Corps was initially positioned (late august -early september 1944) in the second echelon of the 4th Army in the Medias - Craesti - Blaj area, to be placed in combat from 7 september 1944. The defensive front line given was between Tarnaveni and Farau, holding the Adamus -Craesti -Silea -Farau line. The Corps HQ was in Blaj. The primary mission of the Corps after its introduction in combat was to maintain the defensive line of our army in the center of Transylvania against German-Hungarian offensive, and after the failure of this ennemy offensive, the participation on our own (and soviet) offensive action for the liberation of Northern Transylvania. In the latter operation is included the battle of Sangiorgiu Hill as the better known military action. But I believe the more important action was the first - stopping the enemy offensive, the defensive sector given was very important for the enemy, who has thrown in combat in this particular area his only armored force -the hungarian 2nd Armored Division, supported by several German motorized/armored/artillery detachments!

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