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Posted by: ioncore February 20, 2016 12:43 am
Hi All,

I'm studying the Bokowskaja counterstrike in late November, 1942. The Corpul 1 Armata (Divizia 7 and Divizia 11) played a very important role in this action, but, unfortunately, there are so many gaps in German documents concerning Romanian units. KTB Anlagen for the neighbouring 62.Inf.Div are all destroyed, and there are only few pages of Corpul 1 Armata reports survived in Armeeabteilung Hollidt, XXIX.AK and Armata 3 documents' collections.
Even worse is the situation with battered remains of Corpul 2 Armata (mostly Divizia 9, as well as some battlegroups of Divizia 14 and Divizia 7 Cav) and units of Corpul 1 and Divizia 7 that were sent south to reinforce the Bokowskaja sector.

I was able to reconstruct some of the data, though, based on survived German docs, along with some Soviet documents (some Romanian PoWs interrogations, captured maps and reconnaissance reports), but that's surely not enough. And I'm mostly interested in OoBs, numbers, orders and situations on daily/hourly basis, artillery firing positions etc, as well as any available information on adhoc battlegroups like Gruppe Haas (Div 9), Gruppe Plesoianu (Div 7 Cav), Gruppe Alexandrescu (Div 14) and corps units of Corpul 1 and 2 Armata (Dn 41 Art etc).

Do you guys could recommend any good printed sources (like any histories of Div 7/9/11, or detailed analysis of November-December actions etc) that I could order, or are there any really dedicated Romanian researchers of that area&period that I might write and ask for assistance?
Also, I'd prefer to work with Romanian combat documents directly. Are there any Romanian military archives open for public, and, if so, are they offer any online services? Alternatively, are there any researchers in Romania that perform an archival work for a fee?

And, btw, do you guys know where I could find a photo of General de divizie Teodor Ionescu and/or any of Romanian Div 7/9/11 regimental commanders?

Posted by: Elvetian February 20, 2016 06:14 pm
Maybe you can get in contact with Mihaita Enache for research.
Here the links:

Posted by: ioncore February 21, 2016 07:31 pm
Thanks, will try to contact them!

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