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Posted by: Dontumetrascu October 21, 2017 05:34 am
Hello, I have a question about one of the tenures as described in the 1934 uniform changes.
I have come to understand that the service dress (tinuta de serviciu) for the army consists of the khaki tunic (veston kaki) with fabric belt (cingatoarea de fir) and the ledunca/cartusiera, however I do not know what headwear would have been used for this tenure. I am assuming it would be different for different service branches. Would the headwear be the same as that used in the ceremonial tenure (caciula for infantry, kepi with penaj for artillery, etc...) or would it be something else such as the english tip visor cap or perhaps a khaki kepi. I would like to know what each branch would wear as headwear for the service tenure. Any help would be appreciated.

Current understanding of Service Tenure:
-Khaki tunic like that used in daily tenure (Vestonul Kaki)
-Long Khaki pants (Pantalonii)
-Shoes (Pantonfii)
-Ceremonial fabric belt (Cinagtoarea de fir)
-Ceremonial ammo cartridge (Ledunca)
- Headwear, Beret for Vanatorii, Coif for Jandarm and Granicerii, all others unknown.

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