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Posted by: bigboywooly April 23, 2012 07:30 pm
Can anyone point me towards photos of Constanza during WW2 ?
Specifically looking for harbour layout, installations etc
Thanx in advance

Posted by: muggs April 23, 2012 10:13 pm

Most of the pics are from within the city though.

Posted by: Petre April 24, 2012 09:12 am
A very representative picture :

And just for fun :,_Konstanza,_Marktplatz_mit_Oviddenkmal.jpg,_Konstanza,_Spielkasino.jpg,_Konstanza,_Siebelf%C3%A4hren_im_Hafen.jpg,_Rum%C3%A4nien,_Marine-PK_auf_dem_Weg_nach_Konstanza.jpg,_Konstanza,_Marsch_rum%C3%A4nischer_Soldaten.jpg,_Rum%C3%A4nien,_Marine-PK_auf_Weg_nach_Konstanza.jpg

Posted by: bigboywooly April 24, 2012 01:20 pm
Some very good pics there
May be very useful

Was looking along the lines of something tho closer

Thanx for the replies

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