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Posted by: Dr_V June 24, 2004 11:12 pm
The list of Romanian ships captured by the Soviets in 1944:

1) At Constanta harbor on September 5th:

- Regina Maria
- Regele Ferdinand - undergoing repairs (heavy damaged by bombs on 20.08.’44)
- Marasti
- Marasesti

Torpedo boats:
- Zmeul
- Zborul

- Dumitrescu
- Ghiculescu
- Stihi Eugen

Minelayer: Adm. Murgescu – damaged by bombs from 21.08.’44

Submarines depot ship: Constanta

- Delfinul (at Corabia 19.09) – undergoing general repairs
- Rechinul (Constanta harbor 5.09)
- Marsuinul (Constanta harbor 5.09)

MTB (speedboats):
- Viscolul – damaged by bombs 20.08.’44
- Vedenia – out of duty with mechanical problems
- Vantul - out of duty with mechanical problems
- Vijelia - out of duty with mechanical problems
- Viforul - out of duty with mechanical problems
- Vartejul - out of duty with mechanical problems
- Vulcanul - out of duty with mechanical problems

Commander in Chief’s speedboat: MR 131

Small speedboat: MR 158

Torpedo practice tenders:
- MR 136
- MR 137

Self propelled barge: MR 474

A 400 tons water carrier

Armed transport barges:
- PTA 404
- PTA 405
- PTA 406

Submarine chasers:
- KFK 1
- KFK 2
- KFK 3

Fleet tug: Vartosu

2) On the Danube (plus exact place & date):

Sail training ship: Mircea (Braila 2.09)

Cutter: Mayana (Braila 2.09)

Diving barges:
- MR 475 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 476 (Sulina 24.08 )

Mining barges:
- MR 402 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 401 (Valcov 24.08 ) – damaged by bombs

Accommodation barges:
- MR 352 (Calarasi 7.09)
- MR 353 / Basarabeanca (Tulcea 25.08 )

Auxiliary fixed barge: MR 441 (Valciu canal 9.09)

Crane barge: MR 403 (Valciu canal 9.09)

- Lahovary (Calarsi)
- Ardeal (Calarasi)
- Bucovina (Giurgiu)
- Basarabia (Zimnicea)
- Bratianu (Ismail 8.08 )

River speedboats:
- Vedeta fluviala nr.1 (Tulcea 25.08 )
- Vedeta fluviala nr.3 (Valcov 24.08 ) – damaged by bombs
- Vedeta fluviala nr.4 (Harsova 1.09)
- Vedeta fluviala nr.5 (Valciu canal 5.09) – under repairs (engine failure)
- Vedeta fluviala nr.6 (Valciu canal 5.09) – under repairs (engine failure)
- Vedeta fluviala nr.7 (Tr. Severin)

Commander in Chief’s ships:
- Macin (Harsova 1.09)
- Cmd. Paun (Giurgiu)

Surveying vessel: Maican (Harsova 1.09)

River patrol speedboats:
- MR 51 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 32 (Calafat)
- MR 33 (Giurgiu)
- MR 34 (Valciu canal 5.09)
- MR 35 (Valciu canal 5.09) – immobilized by engine failure
- MR 36 (Tulcea 25.08 )
- MR 37 (Valciu canal 5.09) – sunk on 19.09 under Soviet command
- MR 38 (Valciu canal 5.09) – ran agrownd on 18.09 under Soviet command
- MR 39 (Valciu canal 6.09)
- MR 40 (Valciu canal 7.09) - sunk on 14.09 under Soviet command
- MR 41 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 42 (Valciu canal 7.09)

Ambulance speedboats:
- MR 132 (Tulcea 1.09)
- MR 133 (Valciu canal 6.09)

Commander in Chief’s speedboats:
- MR 134 (Sf. Gheorghe river branch 1.09)
- MR 135 (Valciu canal 7.09) – immobilized by engine failure
- MR 144 (Tulcea 25.08 )

Radio speedboat: MR 143 (Valcov 24.08 )

Communications speedboats:
- MR 141 (Tr. Severin)
- MR 142 (Tr. Severin)
- MR 146 (Sulina 24.08 )
- MR 145 (Sulina 24.08 )
- MR 149 (Valcov 24.08 )
- MR 152 (Jurilovca 25.08 )
- MR 153 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 154 (Tulcea 25.08 )
- MR 155 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 156 (Valcov 24.08 )
- MR 157 (Constanta 5.09)
- MR 158 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 160 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 161 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 163 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- Ex-Soviet nr. 44 (Valciu canal 7.09)

Small boats:
- MR 251 (Chilia Veche 24.08 )
- Cormoran (Sulina 24.08 )

Transport barges (loaded):
- MR 301 (Valciu canal 9.09)
- MR 302 (Valciu canal 9.09)
- MR 303 (Sulina 24.08 )
- MR 304 (Sulina 24.08 )
- MR 306 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 307 (Valciu canal 7.09)

Bakery supply barge: (Valciu canal 7.09)

Oil tanker barge (loaded): MR 351 (Calarasi 29.08 )

Oil tankers (loaded):
- MR 371 (Sulina 24.08 )
- MR 372 (Valciu canal 12.09)
- MR 373 (Valciu canal 9.09)
- MR 374 (Valciu canal 12.09)
- MR 376 (Rasova)
- MR 378 (Oltenita 6.09)
- MR 379 (Giurgiu)
- MR 380 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 381 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 382 (Giurgiu 3.09)
- MR 383 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 384 (Valciu canal 7.09)

- MR 451 (Chilia 24.08 )
- MR 452 (Valcov 24.08 )
- MR 463 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 464 (Valciu canal 7.09)
- MR 473 (Piua Petrii)

Un-powered river crossing pontoon: MR 491 (Valciu canal 7.09)

Floating batteries:
- MR 492 (Danube Delta 24.08 )
- MR 493 (Danube Delta 24.08 )
- MR 494 (Danube Delta 24.08 )
- MR 495 (Danube Delta 24.08 )
- MR 496 (Danube Delta 24.08 )

- MO 1 (Valciu canal 9.09)
- MO 2 (Valciu canal 9.09)
- MO 3 (Valciu canal 9.09)
- Silistra (Piua Petrii 2.09)

Source: “Armata Rosie in Romania 1944-1958” by A.S. Marinescu
Iasi, Romania 2001

Posted by: Dr_V June 24, 2004 11:24 pm
In addition, from the Danube shipyards were taken between 3 and 19 of September:

From Galati: a 1500 tons floating dock

From Corabia:
- a 3000 tons floating dock
- the cargo ship “Cetatea Alba” (under construction)
- 4 minesweepers (under construction)
- a number of fully loaded transport barges

[same source]

Posted by: Tas June 25, 2004 01:31 am
Great information.

Why were some units scuttled (like the CB midget submarines inherited from the Italians), but others were allowed to fall into Soviet hands?

The Germans (understandably) seemed a bit more intent on ensuring no war material fell into enemy hands.


Posted by: Victor June 25, 2004 07:31 am
The Germans (understandably) seemed a bit more intent on ensuring no war material fell into enemy hands.


At that time, theoretically, the Soviets were allies. :wink:
Those were some dramatic events, several officers comitted suicide, like the CO of the Destroyer Squadron, in the moment the Soviet sailors set foot on the Regina Maria.

Posted by: Tiornu June 28, 2004 08:19 pm
Yes, this is great stuff. There are a couple items I'm curious about. Does anyone have the specifications for the four minesweepers captured while under construction? Any further details on the captured Soviet speed boat ex-no 44?

Posted by: Tas June 29, 2004 11:54 am
Where did the KFKs come from? Where these transferred from the Kriegsmarine or local conversions from craft of opportunity?


Posted by: Victor June 29, 2004 05:11 pm
I believe they were of German origin, just like the PTAs (which were in fact MFPs). PTA was the acronym for the Romanian translation.

Posted by: Tiornu June 29, 2004 08:49 pm
I'm looking in Deutsche Schiffe unter dem Roten Stern by Lemachko. He lists KFK 1-5 as captured in Romania and renamed T 651-655. I don't read German, but he appears to say they were all taken in Constanta. One photo is included. The vessel looks different from the KFK I know--it has a foremast--but the picture is unclear, and it was taken 20 years after the war. I tried going through Groner--oy, what a long list. I think we need help from someone who knows German. Andreas, help!

Posted by: Andreas von Mach June 30, 2004 09:28 am
I have also:
minelayer Dacia
minesweeper Pasteur -> TShCh-661
Romania -> ChF-51
survey cutters:
sail TS:

Danube Flotilla
auxiliary minesweepers:
Gerdap->EMTShCh-656 lost 11.10.44
Amurgul->EMTShCh-658 lost 9.10.44
D2->ChF-49 returned to Greece 27.9.45
D3->ChF-50 returned to Greece 27.9.45
Arlon->ChF-57returned 27.9.45

S.S.Berezhnoy "Trofei i Reparatsii VMF SSSR. Spravochnik" Yakutsk 1994
According to him:
KFK-1 to KFK-5 were built by State Shipyard at Varna, all seized at Konstanta 29.8.44.
Moreover there were three Romanian No1-No3 KFK type built during WWII in Konstata and seized also there on 29.8.44.

Posted by: Tiornu June 30, 2004 10:12 am
So none of these Romanian KFK's were German? Groner will not include any of them?

Posted by: Andreas von Mach June 30, 2004 01:55 pm
The ships No1-3 were ex Romanian
known also as V.S. Nr1-3 (my Romanian notices)

The other are German , the numbers are different (KFK 1-5).
The following KFK are reported trensfered to Romania
transferred to Romania 21.11.1944
seized by Soviets (now German data):

KFK 198->UJ 311->MO 851->T-668
KFK 199->UJ 319->MO 852->T-666
KFK 201->MO 853->T-667
KFK 270->????

Were they identic with omanian No1.-3 ?
Were there any KFK built in Romania ?

They were discussed here.

Posted by: Dr_V June 30, 2004 05:39 pm
The list I've posted is a Romanian official document, written by Romanian Military HQ (Marele Stat Major) - section 7 on September 19th 1944. It was based on the reports received till that date from naval HQs throughout Romania. Considering the blury situation, it's very likely it wasn't a complete report.

Anyway, any ships that were not comissioned on active duty (damaged/discarded) or under repairs were certaily omitted. Other sources mention that in some cases small river ships/boats were abandoned by their crew (deserted) and randomly collected by the Soviets from ashore.

Andreas von Mach:

regarding your additions to the list:

- Marina->PMShCh-1 was a small sail yacht, not a sail training ship

- the tugs were not armed and belonged to the Constanta Harbor authority (civilian - merchant marine), they were not part of the Navy (thaugh they were used as navy auxiliarys during the war).

Posted by: Tiornu July 01, 2004 05:03 am
The four KFKs you listed were all made in Germany by Burmester, Swinemunde, the primary German builder of KFKs. There were numerous Swedish, Dutch, and Belgian builders as well, but I don't see any in Romania. The closest I can find is in Varna.
Groner describes three of the four German KFKs as "delivered" to Romania, though 201 he describes as "Romanian booty." He gives no indication of renamings.

Posted by: Andreas von Mach August 17, 2006 06:16 pm
Surveying vessel: Maican (Harsova 1.09)

Have anybody any more data about that ship.

It seems that Soviets used that ship as replaceent

According to books of Berezhnoy
On 28.3.1947 renamed DOLGOTA and re-classified as survey vessel
Deleted from Soviet Navy Lists 7.7.1956 and scrapped

Built 1909 as a tug
320t 40,00x10,5x1,1m 180hp=9,0kts 22men as a warship
I do not belive 180hp for 40m tug -something is here wrong.

Moreover another Romanian tug was converted into minesweeper by Soviets
CONSTANTA - no data in Soviet books
24.05.1945 EMTsC-660
16.6.1949 T-660
30.12.55 despatch vessel
23.1.56 POK-72
21.1.57 PMB-48 ()river motorboat)
27.3.60 transferred to Blask Sea Fleet
1960s decomissioned and scrapped


Posted by: Petre April 12, 2009 05:16 pm
According to, the RO navy ships captured were renamed after 09.1944 as :
Regele Ferdinand – LIHOI
Regina Maria – LETUCII
Marasesti – LEGKII
Marasti – LOVKII
Cpt.Dumitrescu – ARAKS
Lt.Cdr.Stihi Eugen – AHTUBA
Slt.Ghiculescu – ANGARA
KFK nr.1, 2, 3 - MO-851, 852, 853, then T-668, 666 si 667
Constanta – BUG, PKZ-87
Am.Murgescu – DON, PKZ-107, PM-76, PMR-76
Dacia – DESNA, PKZ-34
Vantul, Vartejul, Vedenia,Vulcanul - ТК-951, 952, 953, 954
Viscolul – TK-955
( Vijelia, Viforul – TK-956, 957 ) ???
Major Constantin Ene (Vedeta nr.1) - СК-754
Capitan Mihail Romano (Vedeta nr.2) - СК-755
Major Dimitrie Giurascu (Vedeta nr.3) - СК-756
Riverine minesweepers
Nr.53 - КТ-921 (26.5 t.)
Nr.57 - КТ-922 (26.5 t.)
Nr.81 - КТ-923 (40 t.)
Nr.31 - КТ-924 (17 t.)
Nr.32 - КТ-925 (17 t.)
Nr.33 - КТ-926 (17 t.)
Nr.37 - КТ-927 (25 t.)
Nr.38 - КТ-928 (25 t.)
Nr.41 - КТ-929 (25 t.)
Nr.42 - КТ-930 (25 t.)
Ion C. Bratianu - AZOV
Alexandru Lahovari - MARIUPOL
Basarabia – KERCH
Bucovina – IZMAIL
Rechinul – TS-1, N-39, S-39
Marsuinul – TS-2, N-40, S-40
Delfinul – TS-3
Gen. Maican – EMTShCh–656
Bassarab - EMTShCh–657
(Constanta ?) Maikop - EMTShCh–660
Motru - EMTShCh–664
(Gherdap, Amurgul - None)

Posted by: petru32 April 21, 2009 10:46 am
nice topic as far as I know in the case of the Danube fleet the crew of some of the ships were taken prisoners and sent to Siberia as soon as their ships were captured and just after celebrating the new alliance with the Russian The person who told me the story had its father as part of the crew smile.gif)

Posted by: Petre April 23, 2009 07:26 pm
Well Petru32, a la guerre comme a la guerre.
Vitaly Kostrychenko writtes in his „Danube Monitors” :
"On Aug.26 to Izmail, to the Commander of the Sov.Danube Flotilla there has arrived the Commander of the Rom.Danube Division with the message on readiness for the general actions against Germany. In reply, to Romanians have suggested to translate their ships on Izmail… „Al.Lahovari” was seized by the Sov. troops still on Aug.26. On the arrival of the ship on Sep.01 to Izmail, next day the Commander and the Chief of Staff of the Rom. Danube Division, and also the Commander of the monitor, have been arrested for default of terms of surrender and sent in a concentration camp."
It was CAdm.Al.Stoianovici ( River Naval Forces Command ), and it appears to be retained only few days.

Posted by: MMM April 24, 2009 12:22 pm
Sail training ship: Mircea (Braila 2.09)

Is this "Bricul Mircea"? When was it returned by our new "allies"?

Posted by: Petre April 24, 2009 12:56 pm
Sailing Ship Mircea was returned May 27, 1946.

Posted by: MMM April 24, 2009 01:47 pm
More details, please! How comes it was returned before the "Popular Republic" times, and even before the peace treaty was signed? Were there other vessels returned?
PS: thanks!

Posted by: Petre April 24, 2009 05:50 pm
About how USSR returned Ro ships, see "Dosarele Istoriei 8/2000" p.58. (Valentin Ciorbea). There was an agreement between USSR ( A.I.Mikoyan, A.I.Vyshinsky) and RO ( P.Groza, Gh.Tatarascu). On Oct.12, 1945 in Galati were returned Marasesti, Marasti, Ghiculescu, Stihi, Sborul, Smeul, Delfinul, Vedete Torpiloare, merchant ships, boats. Mircea was returned May 27, 1946 in Constantza.
As I read on the net, riverine monitors and Rechinul were returned 1951. Miss info's about R.Ferdinand and R.Maria.

Posted by: Petre April 25, 2009 10:17 am
On July 3, 1951 were returned R.Ferdinand, R.Maria, Requinul, 5 Riv.Monitors.

Posted by: Petre October 20, 2009 01:12 pm
From a russian text :
Two veterans, N.Savinov and V.Bajdala, remember :
In 1951 was formed The 409 Separate Rescue and Salvage Ships Divizion, including :
- LENA (former german Franz E. Schutle), adapted for divers work at 200 m;
- The aux.tugboats URAN (former german tugboat 450 t.) SIRIUS (former german tugboat Lorbas (Lobau ?), lifted and repaired) AI PETRI (trophy italian tugboat Vigoso)...
- The tender ships DESNA (former romanian aux.cruiser Dacia) and PAMIR (former german steam ship Erzherzog Karl, recovered);
From Apr.1952 onboard DESNA were embarked the staff, communications, crews of small ships and The Rescue and Salvage Group.

Posted by: Th. Dorgeist October 23, 2009 01:24 pm
The steam - Tug was LORBAS and captured as a Soviet semi-finished construction of the Germans in 1942 and completed construction



Posted by: Petre October 23, 2009 07:13 pm
I also found :
In 1946 became as salvage ship the trophy German tugboat "Uran" (450 tons) and in 1947 the Finnish tugboat "Pluton" (860 tons).
In 1947 the German tugboats "Wachau"(Wahao, Vahao...) (350 tons)(in port of Ochakov) and "Lorbas" (650 tons, romanian tugboat ???) were lifted and restored, then renamed as salvage tugboats "Chauda" and "Sirius".
Lifted in Sevastopol near the Northern dock, the german steam-ship "Erzherzog Karl" also has been restored and has become depot ship "Pamir".
In 1948 "Chauda" has been transferred the Black Sea shipping company, and the trophy Italian tugboat "Vigoso" renamed "Ah Petri" is received from it.
As wreck searching ships were used КFK's 1269, 1273 and 1282.

Posted by: perrykesan November 10, 2009 03:36 pm
My Father a Hungarian officer was captured with his men. In early JULY 1945 were at the beach of CONSTANC. Here, mainly Hungarian and German officers were put on a ship my father clearly wrote named "ALBA REGIA". He notes this was a Romanian ship stolen by the Russians and had an all Russian crew. I cannot find information of the Alba Regia. which is the old name for the Hungarian capital "Szekesfehervar" prior to Budapest.
The ship went straight East, then paused at CRIMEA (KRIM ISLAND). Here very close, a Submarine which he called a U-Boat, raised AMERICAN FLAGS and the Subs crew both photographed and filmed my father's ship. The prisoners were perplexed that the U.S. did nothing, although the war was over. Most P.OW.s were officers which my father implied was against a Geneva Convention rule.
Three days on board eating water with flour and pushing away curious rats they reached "POTI, GEORGIA. This began his three years of punishment, torture, starvation, Illness and agony in 2 Labor camps. The last camp near Tbilisi.
Any documentation of the "ALBA REGIA" (Spelling?)?
Any photo or Film known of is a request avail from the U.S. Navy of my father's ship?
Please any information!

Posted by: Petre November 10, 2009 07:13 pm
The Romanian Steam Ship "Alba Iulia"" (5708 TRB) - cargo and passengers, was taken under Soviet control in Oct.1944, then passed to USSR on account of war reparations. The ship was used for Soviet transportation between the Black Sea ports and most probably this is what you say.
Alba Iulia (Gyulafehérvár) is a town in Transilvania (Erdély) Region of Romania.
About US Navy submarines 1945 in Black Sea, or Meditarean Sea, or Europe... sorry, no infos.

Posted by: Dénes November 11, 2009 06:39 am
I have seen a photo of this white painted ship. The spelling back then was 'Alba Julia'.

Gen. Dénes

Posted by: ocoleanui November 12, 2009 09:15 am

PAGE 80-84

Posted by: Petre November 19, 2011 08:06 pm
From a russian site, about the mine sweeping activity on the Danube river :

End of September 1944, the Soviets had 38 river minesweepers, including the romanians, the bulgarians and the war trophies, also 10 magnetic barges.
War trophies : 7 small rom. minesweepers (boats no. 31, 32, 33, 37, 57, 81…), ships Bassarab, Gherdap and Amurgul (equipped by germans with electromagnetic devices), french ships Jaques Vuccino, Mistral, Pasteur, General Maican (also equipped by germans), bulgarian ships Kiril Popov, Iskr, Vasil Levski and german minesweepers Grafenau, Kell, Kronus, Berolina, Seefalke, Меrcur, Franz, Аrtur, Hindenburg, Маrs.
On Oct.11 at km 962 (Ogradina island) 3 magnetic mines exploded, 2 were near the ship Gherdap, 12 KIA, 3 WIA. KTSch-121 damaged, towed to Orsova, 6 WIA.
On Oct.19 at km 1094 the ship Amurgul exploded a mine and sunk.
All the seized ships had soviet captains. To repair ships were brought in former camp prisoners specialists and evacuated soviet citizens.
From Giurgiu up the river the convoys sailed only together with minesweepers, speed 4-5 km/h.
In the begining 1845, soviets sweeped Giurgiu – Esztergom, then up to Tr.Severin only romanians remained.
At Vilkovo, Izmail, Braila, Giurgiu, Тr.Severin, Moldova Veche… they were river pilot stations.
On Apr 08 they came rom. trophy minesweepers 8,9,10,11,13(?) and transformed auxiliary ships Mistral, Bicaz, Lt.Izvoranu(?), Amon, NFR-1, Hristo Botev, Pascal, Tsibr(?), Maria, Constacuzin(?), Rabdarea, Iordan, Alecta, SDR-1, Putin.
On May 22 it came trophy ship Constantsa. The ships J.Vuccino and Motru got out.
On 11 Nov.48 the mine cleaning on Danube river ended.

Posted by: timisoso March 17, 2012 02:11 pm
NMS Regina Maria in 1950

NMS Regele Ferdinand in 1947

Numarul 23 - NMS Regina Maria - 'Letuchnii'
Numarul 24 - NMS Regele Ferdinand - 'Lihoi'

Returned to Romanian Navy in 1951, when the Russian received Italian Warships as 'War Trophies'

Soviet destroyer Likhoy (service 1944-1951), former and later Romanian destroyer Regele Ferdinand (service 1928-1944, 1951-1960) and Letuchiy (service 1944-1951), former and later Regina Maria (service 1928-1944, 1951-1960), in Sevastopol.

user posted image

Posted by: perrykesan August 01, 2018 10:06 pm
Re; Alba Regia. Thanks and my gratitude to all who replied. I was unable to return to this forum til now. Perry.

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