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Posted by: MMM December 05, 2010 01:57 pm
A small book, practically a "crash-course" in German history from the beginning of the century until the end of WW2; worth reading every page - itonly has 138 pages, however...
Sheds a new light upon Germany's guilt and "inevitability" of WW2 after WW1; actually, WW2 was not a consequence of WW1, but of Versailles and Hitler! (his oppinion, but also mine)
Mr. Boia doesn't seem to mind any of the "new" theories of Suvorov, Solonin etc. who claim the inevitability of german-soviet conflict, but that doesn't make his theories less believable.
It is - once more - clear that the historical truth is but a myth, a diamond with ever-so-many faces, and if you try to put light upon it, it may just blind you! tongue.gif

Posted by: RedBaron December 06, 2010 07:09 am
historical truth...

imo there are facts... these facts have interpretation - for the victors, its all pink, for the defeated its all black.

its human nature, the strongest survives and gets to put to shame the weak one. as in war, you lose... you get to be blamed by everyone for everything no matter the context. same facts for the victors are treated different than for the defeated. what makes it worse is when your own kind, blinded by stupidity I should say, convicts you... this is the tragedy few see.

Posted by: MMM December 06, 2010 08:07 am
Quite true, but the historian's goal is (should be) to reveal the historical truth, regardless who the winners / losers are! And here is the problem, the "interpretation" problem!

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