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Posted by: C-2 August 22, 2010 10:14 am
Hi guys,
Just came from a wonderful vacantion in Bulgaria where I red the book mentioned above.
F Taylor wrote everything that could be written about Dresda bombing.
The started from the towns early years and ended in our days.
Diss. every aspect possib.

I recomand it to all.
Even my wife red it.....

The funny part was that my son was playing with a german boy.
Me and his father changed a few "father's words".
After a while when I asked him where was he from,the answer was DRESDA!!!!

So I asked him as many questions I could.
His grandfather (born in 1905) had a cigarete factory.
HE served in Bulgaria,Krimea,Kaucaz,and was taken prisoner in the Blatic states.
He came back in 1948.
His father (born 1927) served in an aa batery.
The family lived in the NEwstadt and survived the bombing.

More funny was that after 2 days our boys were making the rules in the playground.
You should seen the russian parents taking their children and running in havoc while seen Eric and Marlon caharging toward their kids and shouting things similar to Tally-hoo,Remember THe Alamo and similar...

Heheh,It took more then 60 years to the russina to run away from the Romanian-german hords....

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