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Posted by: nadia82 January 31, 2020 02:45 am
hi everyone!
i did not know this forum exists!!

i have letters written by my grandfather (last one) july 1944 while he was at the east front and he says he was in the carpathian mountains.

he is definitely in the artillery based on him saying needing to ask his battery commander permission for leave and that on june 1944 they had little casualties.

his name is Josef matefi, i believe based on what he said in his letters above, he is possibly part of the german XVII and possibly the 4th regiment.

He is romanian, and the only last information was that he died in 1944 with no dates or location. his last letter was 1st july 1944, just shy away from when the romanian switched sides in august.

i am looking for his side of the family as that is a mistery still and also what happened to him, where did he perish if he did and what happened after 1st of july 1944 (his last letter we have in posession)

any information from what happened after 1st of july 1944 to information on finding Josef matefi (i have contacted the romanian military but it has been 1 month with no replies yet besides them emailng myself saying they need to send it to archives to search for him) is highly appreciated.

any archives online or websites i can search for soldier names, what division exactly would he be in? etc. what happened exactly after july 1944.

Posted by: Victor March 21, 2020 09:04 am
Unfortunately there is no such online resource available. The military archives are still in the 20th century in terms of way of working and free access to info.

Posted by: Dénes March 28, 2020 08:47 pm
With this name chances are that he was Hungarian, not Rumanian.
Do you know when and where he was born?

Gen. Dénes

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