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Posted by: Morar Andrei November 14, 2017 05:00 pm
I'm looking for two members of my family, known only from an old family photo. This is what I found since now:

- native from Kucsuláta (Cuciulata in Romanian), part of Fogaras district
- fought in the Austro-Hungarian Army as infantry soldiers
- one of them looks to have the rank of corporal in a Honved division, the other one being just a rifleman
- most probably members of the Royal Hungarian Infantry Regiment Nr.23, 3rd battalion (battalion garrisoned in Fogaras)
- the fate of the regiment, such as these two's, is unknown to me; they maybe fought in Galicia, Serbia, Italy or Romania
- in the photography of the Cuciulata conscripts returned home in autumn-winter 1918, these two guys are not visible, which would mean some possibilities: a) they died on the front, but I haven't seen any mention of that on the WW1 heroe's monument from Cuciulata or in the cemetery of austro-hungarian soldiers from Făgăraș, even if there are many romanian names; they fought in Italy, and maybe joined the Romanian Legion from the italian army (argument reinforced by the fact that many soldiers of that unit were from Făgăraș and the sorrounding villages), unit which was disbanded only in 1919, year when its members returned home c) the just weren't visible in the image, which would be a bit awkward, because everyone there is very visible
- I'm not sure if they are from my direct family line or are indirect relatives, even thou my family name is very common in that area (Morar, Moraru, Morariu etc.). Plus, in some possible hungarian registers, their names might be adapted to the hungarian form, which would be a bit puzzleing

Also, I got some colorised images, which might help:

Posted by: Morar Andrei December 06, 2017 07:01 pm
How do I also add some images? Because I select one from the gallery, but it diesn't apply. It could help at recognising them...

Posted by: Morar Andrei December 08, 2017 09:01 am

Here is the photo colorised

And the original

And a detail to the supposed Honved corporal uniform

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