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Posted by: mcaduc April 07, 2017 06:40 pm
Hi all,

I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I am posting in the wrong section. My grandmother was from Ostrita, Bucovina and her brother, Mihai Suprovici served in the Romanian Army during WWII. I am trying to find any information I can on his military service, but I don't even know where such records are kept. Here is all I know about his service from a quote in a letter he wrote to my grandmother.

"In 1940 I left our home in Ostrita to complete my military training. In 1944, when we went to the [soviet] front in Poland [where Mihai found himself as an active Romanian soldier – next to the Germans – fighting against the Soviets] I stayed two days in Cernauti and afterwards the Russians occupied it [all the North of Bucovina, Ostrita and Cernauti included]. During the same year we were taken prisoners on the Prut River near [ to the city ] of Iasi. We were sent for a year to Serbia, after which we were freed and we had the right to return to the country [Romania]."

Mihai would have been fairly old when he entered military service (45 or so), but clearly that didn't affect his ability to be sent to the front lines. If he was captured near Iasi, would that mean he was likely a part of the Târgu Frumos offensive? After his time as a PoW, he became a refugee, unable to return to Ostrita in the Russian controlled North, he left behind his wife and started a new life in Lenauheim.

Any information/advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Posted by: Andreion May 26, 2017 05:39 pm
You can ask for the information at the National Military Archives from Pitesti, UM 02405.
I got to them to find more about an uncle of my mother which dissapeared in WW2. They will surely help you but you have to proof that you are a relative and that you are legally right to receive the information about him.
You can contact them at:

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