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Posted by: Cacuci September 16, 2013 05:24 pm
Hy ,
I would like to find information about WWII participation of my grand-grand father. The only document i have is his military service paper (livret militar). There says he had his military service between 08.02.1931-13.10.1932 in Oradea. He has suffered several mutations from Regiment 86 Infanterie to Batallion 12 Jandarmi Oradea, and back to Regiment 86 Infanterie Oradea.
He is from Cornisesti Village, near Dobresti, Bihor County. His village is closer to Beius than Oradea.
Here comes the interesting part .
In the war participation section , there is stated as follows:
05.09.41 - Bat 5 Ad puscas
23.08.44 " "
15.09.44 " "
09.05.45 " "

I can not distinguish what "Ad" from Bat 5 Ad stands for . Could it be Batalionul 5 Vanatori de Munte Avram Iancu Abrud ? Or Batallion 5 from Beius Garrison?

From my information, after the Diktat of Vienna, the romanian administration moved from Oradea to Beius, leaving the northern part of Bihor county to the Hortyst regime. It could be a possibility that Regiment 86 Infanterie moved also to Beius. On some internet sources i could find that Regiment 86 infanterie was transformed in 27 iunie 1939 in Regimentul 2 Fortificaţii,included in Brigada 1 Fortificaţii. Is this the regiment that fought in WWII under general Nicoale Ciuperca?

From the four dates above i can easily identify 23 august 1944 and 09 may 1945 . But what about the other two. Do they reffer to certain battles?

I am aware that this paper was crated during the communist regime, and there could be some interest in not mentioning very much about the soldier's participation in WWII before the 23.08.1944.

Having the information mentioned above, i am trying to reconstruct my grand-grand-father war participation. I believe he was concentrated in WWII , but i'm not sure in which military unit. I also have a riffle bullet left from him. The bullet was transformed in shaving tool, bi inserting horse tail hair in the hole. The hair has been lost in my youth games, but i still have the bullet's tube.

The photos are hosted at the following link:

Posted by: Cacuci January 15, 2016 08:45 pm
I wrote a letter to the Military Archives from Pitesti. They answered me they identified mutations for Jurcut Ioan Gligorie until 1939, but they don't have name control registers for Batalionul 5 Administrativ.He was from 1931 contingent.
Please help me to find anything about that batallion.
From Google i can find one in Focsani, and little info about managing the jews that did community works.

How could a soldier from Bihor get in that batallion in Focsani.

Could it be something about the "Brigada 2 Fortificatii" dislocated to Focsani area after the 1940 Diktat of Vienna?

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