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Posted by: Vincenzo April 15, 2020 07:59 pm
I've this information on the production of the IAR 80 family

80: 50 built in 2 blocks 20+30 , the main difference was in the engine the first block had the K14-III C36 and the 2nd the IV C32, the first fighter was delivered in April and the 2nd in December '40, the delivery to combat unit started in February '41, when the production was stopped and/or the delivery ended?

80A: 90 built in 4 blocks, 25+15+45+5, delivery to combat unit from the spring '41, they get 2 mg more of the 80, some source report that last block had 2 13.2 mg and 4 7.92 mg, Someone known when the deliver and or production was stopped?

80B: 60 built in 4 blocks, 20+11+19+10, with 2 13.2 and 4 7.92 mgs, production started in June '42, ended?

80C: 50 built in 2 blocks, 10+40, 20mm Ikaria gun take the place of 13.2mm mg, production from December '42 to April '43

81: 50 built in 3 blocks, 15+25+10, contemporary with 80A and 80B production, fighter bomber with 250kg rack under fuselage

81C: 150 ordered, a source report 38 built, Mg151/20 take the place of the Ikaria gun, production stopped at May or November '44.

Thanks to all want add info or corrections

I'm sorry for my English

Posted by: Dénes May 17, 2020 08:39 am
It's more useful if you trace the aircraft by their serial numbers.
In total, 450 aircraft were built. That's a fact.

Gen. Dénes

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