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Posted by: mouna August 30, 2018 12:32 pm
This post is mainly for Victor Nitu, as the author of Pilot's profile.
I'm a French doctorand in history, working on aeronautical cooperation between Romania and France, since 1918 to 1975. As that, I have question on:
Profile of Nicolae Polizu states that "NP apparently intruded into hungarian airspace an attacked Ca-135bis..."
I would be very interested to know the source of this assertion as, there was in fact two versions of this action, and as far as I can see, no absolute evidence has been established.
The Romanian version is that, 28th August, a Ca-315bis flown from Debrecen, has entered romanian airspace north of Oradea Mare, beeing spotted from the ground, following the border, east of it (looking like a routine reco). politzu took of from Musfalau, secondary airstrip. Interception began just north of sacueni. ca-315 turning headinng 300, and crash landed at Debrecen, Potizu stoping the pursuit at the border.
The same incident, in hungarian version, is the same as what appears in the Profile.The same quest for objective evidence is needed for the 2nd flight of this day (a WL-21 bombing Satu mare): according to Romanian, AA fire led to a crash landing in the vincinity of Satu Mare AFB, crew becoming POW. According to the Hungarians, they flew safe to their base (Ungvar, north of Debrecen). thanks for any answer on original sources. Mouna

Posted by: Agarici September 04, 2018 01:39 pm
Mouna, please read the comment from the bottom of the page. It is written in Romanian, please tell if you do need help apart from what an automatic translator can do.

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