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Posted by: The A-H Guy January 11, 2021 06:57 pm
Hi, after some research I found that there was a large amount of Romanians(Bessarabians) in the Russian Imperial army. Was there a legion? When the revolution broke out in Russia did these men defect to the Romanian army? Is they any photos of these units? Did they have special insignia?

- Ryan

Posted by: Petre January 12, 2021 04:05 pm
They were no ”Bessarabian” units (formations) in The Russian Imperial Army (till feb. 1917). They were some ”native” (ethnic) divisions, corps, at least with these names : caucasian, siberian, turkestanian, armenian, serbian, polish.
And I read about some limitation in using the nationalities for military services. ...

Posted by: The A-H Guy January 13, 2021 06:58 pm

This is one of many pictures I have showing Romanian soldier with Russian Imperil equitment.

I was wondering could this guy be a volunteer for the Russian army, or is it just supplies given to Romania.

He has a French M15 Biether rifle
Russian Gymasterka(tunic)
Russian trouser
Russian M91 pouches
m15 Adrian(no shield on it?)
Low boots and puttees

- Ryan

Posted by: Petre January 14, 2021 07:26 am
Maybe you will be interested in Romanian Volunteer Corps in Russia (after febr. 1917)

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