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Posted by: Skarn April 08, 2021 09:44 am

I understand that the traditional names for the Romanian infantry were Dorobanti (valachian infantry) and Vanatori (light infantry/hunters). Later, the term "Infanterie" was introduced.

But what was the rule in 1940-1941?

I know that there were ten Regimente Vanatori (1-10), but what about Dorobanti? Was this term suppressed?

Another question: the Romanian infantry regiments were named (for instance, Regimentul 14 "Roman", Regimentul 37 "Maresal Alexandru cel Bun", etc.). Was it still in use in 1940-1941?

Thank you!


Posted by: Victor April 08, 2021 07:32 pm
Dorobanti - 19th century territorial infantry
Vanatori - 19th century chasseurs / light infantry / marksmen

In the 19th century there were also 8 line infantry regiments (infanterie de linie), which at some point, as the concept of territorial troops was abandoned, were merged with the Dorobanti regiments and gave way to some strange regimental names, like for ex. Regimentul II Romanati nr. 19 = merger of the 2nd Line Infantry Regiment with the 19th Dorobanti Regiment Romanati (the county from which it was drafted).

As the army expanded during WW1, the new regiments were named simply infantry regiments. Only 25 of the original 33 dorobanti regiments, those which didn't merge with a line infantry regiment, kept their special name.

The original 19th century vanatori battalions transformed into regiments during WW1 and remained regiments until they were disbanded after WW2.

"Maresal Alexandru cel Bun" - Alexandru cel Bun was a 14th century Moldavian prince, not a modern day marshal smile.gif

Posted by: Skarn April 08, 2021 07:40 pm
Thank you Victor, that's very clear.
Is it correct to name a 1940-1941 regiment with the title "Dorobanti", so?
For instance, was it the "Regimentul 4 Dorobanti Arges" or the "Regimentul 4 Infanterie"?
The "Regimentul 30 Dorobanti Muscel" or the "Regimentul 30 Infanterie"?

Many thanks again!


Posted by: Victor April 10, 2021 04:44 pm
Yes, it is correct to name the regiments as dorobanti. Either names are valid.

Posted by: Skarn April 11, 2021 09:02 am
Thank you very much!
Concerning the "nickname" of the regiments, was it a rule? Was it still active in 1940-1941?


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