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Posted by: Skarn April 08, 2021 09:13 am

I'm looking for the exact location of the peacetime garrison of the following guards units around June 1st, 1941:
- Regimentul 6 Garda "Mihai Viteazu"
- Regimentul 1 Vânatori Garda no.2 "Regina Elisabeta a Greciei";
- Regimentul 2 Vânatori Garda no.9 "Regele Alexandru I al Iugoslaviei";
- Regimentul 2 Artilerie Garda;
- Regimentul 3 Artilerie Garda.

I think that at least one of the guards artillery regiment was located in Mihai Bravu, and at least one of the three infantry regiments was in Bucharest.

Thank you in advance.


Posted by: Victor April 08, 2021 07:21 pm
The infantry regiments were based in Bucharest as were all the elements of the Guard Division.

The 2nd Guard Division, to which the 3rd Guard Artillery Regiment belonged, was a temporary construction made up of several Border-guard Regiments and was probably not based in Bucharest. The border-guard regiments were based in frontier towns.

Posted by: Skarn April 08, 2021 07:44 pm
According to my source, Divizia 1 Garda was set up with two artillery regiments which were the 2nd and the 3rd.
The Regimentul 1 Artilerie Garda was with th Brigada 2 Mixta Garda.

Am I wrong on this?

Good copy for your answer.


Posted by: Victor April 10, 2021 04:45 pm
The Guard Division had the 1st and 2nd Guard Artillery Regiments and the 2nd Guard Division had the 3rd and 4th Guard Artillery Regiments.

Posted by: Skarn April 11, 2021 09:00 am

May I propose you my source, who is Dan Grecu's website?
It is here:

See the part "Structure", with "Regiment 3 Artilerie Gard? (until 10.44)" and "Regiment 2 Artilerie Gard?".
See also the part "History", in 1941: "Group 'North: between Lunca and Mocani (today in F?lciu / VS) (Reg. 2 Vt.Gd., 2 Bat / Reg. 2 Art.Gd.)" and "Group 'Center': between Mocani and Rânze?ti / VS (Reg. ''M.V.'', Reg.3 Art.Gd.)".

See also here:
The Brigada 2 Mixta Garda was set up in October 1940 with three borderguards regiments (Regimente 2, 3 and 4 Graniceri) and one guards artillery regiment (Regimentul 1 Artilerie Garda).

My assessment is that in 1940, before Divizia 2 Garda was disbanded, each division had an artillery brigade:
- Divizia 1 Garda: Brigada 1 Artilerie Garda with Regimente 1 and 2 Artilerie Garda;
- Divizia 2 Garda: Brigada 2 Artilerie Garda with Regimente 3 and 4 Artilerie Garda.

When the Divizia 2 Garda was disbanded late 1940, the internal organization of the Divizia 1 Garda was modified, it took the Regimentul 3 Artilerie Garda and the Regimentul 1 Artilerie Garda was freed to its subordination and entered in the organization of the newly-raised Brigada 2 Mixta Garda.

What do you think about it?



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