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Posted by: tpotter457 June 25, 2018 09:10 pm
Greetings all. My apologies for posting here, I tried posting in biographical research but by post just seemed to be awaiting approval for ever! Please feel free to move this post.

I have recently been trying to carry out research into my grandfather, whom I believe served in the Romanian army in WW2. He was a German speaker from Comloșu Mic near Timisoara, so I guess would identify as a Swabian.

I know his name, dob and place of birth and intend to contact these chaps;

My question; has anyone had much success trying to obtain service records? Are they likely to just tell me to take a hike?

More widely speaking, does anyone know if a the Wehrmaht/SS recruited Swabian troops due to their German affiliation? If so I may adopt a two-pronged approach and find out if my grandfather served in the German forces.

Any information would be much appreciated!

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