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Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu August 04, 2013 08:40 am
Hello everyone, my first post here after a very long absence : )

I need your help with a new project I want to make - I want to create an airsoft event next year in May and recreate a battle betwen romanian, german and soviet forces. The event will be hosted on a very hard hill terrain near Curtea de Arges:,24.788622&spn=0.006034,0.013937&sll=44.4383,26.095222&sspn=0.391723,0.891953&t=h&hnear=Br%C4%83dule%C8%9B,+Arge%C8%99&z=17

This is the game area map:

I need your help on the following subjects:
1. I need to decide what battle to recreate; my knowledge of ground forces battles is rather limited so your advice would be great (would be nice to have similitudes betwen the terrain we are playing on and the actual battle terrain)

2. I need to find out more about the units involved, including their uniforms (correct uniform will be required to take part in this event, so I need to accurately describe them) and weaponry.

3. need to know how units were deployed on the field, in order for me to arrange them in a similar way at GAME START.

PS: in those areas marked Baza #1 ... Baza #5, we have already built fortifications (bunkers / trenches / etc.)

Posted by: cainele_franctiror August 04, 2013 09:20 am
What about Targu-Frumos Battle at the beginning of May 1944?

If not, my next book will be about Iernut-Oarba de Mures Battle (sept 1944). I can help you a lot with info that I already have, but there were no Soviet forces... Well, actually the Soviet were in the aria...

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu August 04, 2013 10:06 am
Can you pls point me to some info about Iernut-Oarba ? A link to google maps would be helpfull as well so I can see what type of terrain it was.

As for Targu Frumos I think the terrain was mild hilly, the one we have here (at Curtea de Arges) is almos mountainous.

Posted by: cainele_franctiror August 04, 2013 10:11 am
I am sending you a PM

Posted by: Victor August 05, 2013 05:32 am
Given the terrain's configuration, how about the first siege of Sevastopol?

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu August 05, 2013 04:44 pm
hmm.. don't think we'll have enough russian uniforms to fill the other team - but it's a good point for the future, might even bring in some aviation biggrin.gif
One of the suggestions made to me was Tatra Mountains, which sounds interesting - romanian + russians uniforms vs. german + hungarian uniforms, mountainous terrain also.
The thing is I'll have to find a new battle for each edition I will make (1 per year), so the more suggestions you can give me, the better.

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu August 19, 2013 09:10 am
Can you please direct me to informations regarding romanian army uniforms and weapons (I am mainly interested after 23rd of august '44) ?

Posted by: mabadesc August 21, 2013 03:23 am
Recreating one of these battles in an airsoft setting is a wonderful idea!
My opinion would be to choose between Targu Frumos, Sevastopol, and Iernut-Oarba de Mures. Just keep in mind that Targu Frumos had significant tank engagements, so it wouldn't really be possible to recreate all facets of the battle.
Tatra Mountains also sounds good but it seems a bit complicated, in my opinion.

Best of luck and please let me know if I can help in any way.
I'd also like to participate in the battle if there are any remaining open slots, so please let me know once you find out the exact date, duration, and chosen place.


Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu August 21, 2013 07:53 am
Hi Mabadesc !
For the moment we do not have any ww2 mechanized vehicles for the game - we do want to make some but it will take time and money and I do not think they will be ready for this first edition which will take place in May 2014 at Bradulet (near Curtea de Arges -

I have already considered making Oarba de Mures but most likely that will be the second edition of the event in 2015. Unfortunatelly for Sevastopol, I think it is too soon, since nobody has ww2 russian uniforms, so this year I must recreate a post 23rd august '44 event where germans fought romanian troops.

You are more than welcome to join us in this event, you can do it as first line combatant or HQ stuff.

As for the uniforms and weapons - can anyone point me to a source where I can find romanian uniforms and weapons used after 23rd august '44 ? I think due to the fact they captured german supplies they might have used more german equipment - just a guess, that is why I am asking.

PS: can someone also point me to an interesting battle/operation in the Tatra Mountains ?
To give you an ideea about how this event might look, please see this link:

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu August 21, 2013 07:17 pm
Victor (or anyone else) can u tell me more about Zvolen-Banska Bystrica operations, opr direct me to a source of informations ?

Posted by: Victor August 22, 2013 05:17 am
Do you plan to do the recreation in snow?

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu August 22, 2013 05:34 am
Nope - the terrain is quite difficult to do it in snow, but I think I get your point smile.gif
The event will be held in May, no snow will be present (it can be seen on the tops of the mountains though...) but at night it will be quite cold. I browsed the net a lot in order to find infos about those battles, all I could find was a lot of info about the uporising and just few words about the later liberation (like soviet and romanian troops liberated Banska Bystrica in march '45).

I would like to find out more about how romanian troops entered Slovakia (at Roznava I think ? ) and than fought their way towards Banska Bystrica and later towards West.

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu January 09, 2014 01:08 pm
Decided to go for Paulis with the first WW2 event. I read some info about it (whatever I could find on the internet - included) and I made a map that is not 100% accurate due to the fact it has to match our actual terrain features, however I tried to keep it as much as possible similar to the 2D map of Paulis Battle.

What I do not know is the Hungarian units which for this particular event will be replaced by German units in order to avoid any nationalistical bad behaviour and also to be easier with the dresscode - most players have german uniforms. However, even if we will use german dress code isntead of hungarian, I want to retain the Hungarian names of the units involved - I did not find a map or description where it says where each unit was, so I kind of placed them out of my arse on the map; if anyone knows where each unit should be placed, I would very much apreciate it.

Also - anyone knows what elevation was on Vf. Marului ?

user posted image

Posted by: Victor January 09, 2014 02:03 pm
369.6 m

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu January 09, 2014 05:57 pm
10x Victor !

Posted by: Florin January 09, 2014 10:17 pm
QUOTE (D13-th_Mytzu @ January 09, 2014 08:08 am)
What I do not know is the Hungarian units which for this particular event will be replaced by German units in order to avoid any nationalistical bad behaviour and also to be easier with the dresscode - most players have german uniforms. .............

If for whatever reason you do not intend to observe the historical accuracy, what is the point in investing time and effort for your project ?
We are going back to the Communist days, when "politically correct" mentality demanded that the enemy fighting at Paulis and surroundings was 100% German - at least in the Romanian movies of that era, if not in the books as well.

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu January 10, 2014 07:56 am
Florin it is not about political correct - this is an airsoft game where passions tend to overcome common sense and also we might have players from Hungary (we do for the other event we host there), this is one issue, the other is uniform related: this is the first airsoft event of its kind so players do not have proper gear (uniforms, belts, pouches, weapons, helmets, backpacks, boots, etc.) however there is an important number of romanian airsoft players who do already own german ww2 gear and use it in airsoft games, besides it is much easier and cheaper to procure german ww2 gear than hungarian ww2 gear.

The briefing I make clearly states that those were in fact hungarian troops, their units names will remain the same, it is just the dress code that will differ. This is afterall an airsoft ww2 event and not a reenactment event, our objectives are to get close to a real battle, have a really good time and avoid any unpleasant situations.

BTW: for this event we will try to build this biggrin.gif and 2 other players will try to finish their german "attach" motorcicle with MG34 on it and bring it to the event - we'll also build airsoft mortars and AT guns that will be functional and try to look as the real thing : )

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu January 10, 2014 09:57 am
Anyone knows the correct name of "cota" 471: Bardu or Bordu ? I found both names; it is the hill where a Hungarian regiment managed to fall in the right flank of romanian troops (counter attacked by B1 R 96 I).

Posted by: Florin January 10, 2014 10:39 am
I hope everything will go well with your airsoft game, "D13-th_Mytzu".

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu January 10, 2014 10:44 am
Thank you "Florin".

Can anyone please point out to any books/material written in romanian or english about the Battle of Paulis ?

Edited: I posted a battle history, it is in romanian so I will not copy/paste it here, but if anyone is curious about it and finds any mistakes in it or thinks some more info can be added, please feel free to comment it.

Posted by: dragos January 10, 2014 01:18 pm

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu January 10, 2014 01:27 pm
Thank you Dragos ! I ordered it (unbeliveble how cheap it is).

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu January 14, 2014 09:26 am
Can anyone please help me out with the layout of Hungarian units ?

So far I know that the following Hungarian units took part in the battle (or at least were on that part of the front):

- 1st Armored Division
- 6th Replacement Division
- 1st Field Cavalry Replacement Brigade
- 20th and 31st Battalions
- 61st Pontoon Battalion
- 7th Assault Gun Battalion

If possible please point out a location of the units above on the map below:

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu January 18, 2014 12:02 am
Does anyone have the book "Detasamentul Paulis" written by Alexandru Petrescu (Commander of Det. Paulis) and published by Editura Militara in 1965 ?
Also, if anyone knows a place where I can buy it, I would very much apreciate it.

Posted by: Florin January 20, 2014 07:36 am
Even though it will not be possible to recreate this at your airsoft event, aviation was part of the whole picture. According to previous posts on this website, the Hungarian Army had no aerial coverage in the battles around Paulis. The Romanian planes, even though in small numbers, occasionally made a difference in the right place, at the right moment.

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu January 20, 2014 11:42 am
I was thinking about introducing aviation, will se if I can find a solution to the problem. However from what I read, Axis aircraft did attack Romanian troops in Paulis area (it is also written in the book Victor recommended - thanks again btw, it has very usefull informations in it !).
I am trying to find the book written by the commanding officer of Detasamentul Paulis - Alexandru Petrescu - in 1965, aparently it has a lot of informations that can help me out.

Posted by: Victor January 24, 2014 04:21 pm
Dragos recommended the book, not me. smile.gif

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu January 24, 2014 06:57 pm
oops - sorry laugh.gif Thanks Dragos !!

Posted by: D13-th_Mytzu February 28, 2014 07:29 am
I officially launched the event:
In october will let you know how it went -hopefully smile.gif

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