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Posted by: 88mm June 23, 2003 06:26 am
:? How many enginers batalions had the romanian army and have they been involved in notebale operations?

Posted by: daveh June 23, 2003 05:57 pm
There are some details concerning Pioneers and engineers on


The first site has some description of operations while the second concentrates on organization and unit affiliations

Posted by: Victor June 23, 2003 07:07 pm
Look at the material on the site here:

Posted by: Florin April 25, 2014 03:51 am
Some of them were real engineers, deserving every bit of this title.
A Captain of the Romanian Army, Sergiu Nicola, wrote in early 1944 a book about single use batteries and rechargeable batteries that in mid 1980's was still useful, one reason being the fact that lead acid rechargeable batteries did not evolve in a spectacular way from the 1940's to the mid 1980's. Same thing (not a spectacular progress over 40 years) was with the cheap and accessible non rechargeable batteries - the Leclanché cell.
This Captain imagined some charging circuits on his own - typical story about doing what you can, but simple and practical, with the technology of your time.
Some type of rechargeable cells were recent inventions when the book was issued, like a type with silver alloy developed in France in the previous year (1943).
One thing that I found interesting in the 1980's was the fact that the author presented comprehensive tables with rechargeable lead acid batteries manufactured in Great Britain and the United States. By early 1944 Romania was for 3 years and a half on the side of the Axis. I think the reason he presented that information was because all over the Romanian territory were still in use products bought before 1940 from all over the world.

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