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Posted by: James January 22, 2021 02:30 am
I am looking for information on Romanian general order number 1025 annex 1055. This may refer to orders regarding Polish army officers who had fled Poland to Romania after 1939.

Posted by: James April 01, 2021 02:36 am
Where, if anywhere, would these be archived?

Also, what were general orders? What were they used for?

Posted by: Petre April 01, 2021 01:55 pm
Well, more as possible, it is about a General Order of Minister of Defense. That means adressing to entire (ro.) army, resolving an important problem.
So, it seems to be something like Ordinul General nr. 1025/1939, Anexa 1055.
But (IMO) maybe these numbers are too large. And I dont know the Archive. Sorry.

P.S. In Romania a gen. order is issued only by a Minister. It is a kind of published directive. And of course it has nothing to do with the military rank of ”general”.

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