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Posted by: Lilo August 23, 2014 01:34 pm
Dear All,

before buying the Order of Michael the Brave I need your precious help to try to understand better the manufacture of this Order.

I have below attached a photo of two 1916's Crosses, each of them having a different blue enamel : the one on the right has a 'transparent' blue enamel; on the contrary, the one on the left has the matt / dull blue enamel .

Some questions :

1) Must I consider both of the crosses I have posted below, as produced during WW1 (and/or soon after) ?

2) Does the difference in the Enamel indicate a different maker / producer of the Order ?

3) Does the difference in the Enamel indicate a different time of production of the Order ? And, If yes, which is the Enamel used in the WW1 era production : the matt / dull or the 'transparent' one ?

4) Does the 'transparent' enamel indicate a 'modern reproduction' or is it a WW1 era production ?

Many thanks in advance to all that will give me their help.

Awaiting to hear from you

Best Regards


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