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Posted by: Skarn January 02, 2019 05:49 pm

I found a German document describing the Romanian layout around Ploiesti early November 1940.
Under command of an antiaircraft artillery regiment, there was an antiaircraft artillery group with:
- three batteries of four British 75mm Vickers Model 1931 AA guns (maybe it was Romanian produced Vickers-Reșița model 1936/39), 1st, 16th and 21st Batteries;
- one batterie equipped with four old French towed or self-propelled guns (autocanons 75mm modèle 1913 or Schneider 75mm towed AA guns model 1917), the 52nd Battery;
- one "half-static" (Demiefix) battery equipped with four medium guns (75 or 76,5mm), the 83rd Battery. I don't know which kind of guns equipped it, though;
- one strong battery (147th Battery) with eight guns, four of them being medium guns (75 or 76,5mm), the four others being either French 25mm Hotchkiss CA modèle 1939, German Rheinmetall 3,7cm or Bofors 40mm);
- three other batteries that I identified as heavy machineguns ones (201st, 218th and 225th Batteries), probably equipped with French 13,2mm Hotchkiss modèle 1931 machineguns);
- two mixed searchlights/watchposts batteries (252nd and 261st Batteries).

Could someone please help me to identify:
- which was the regimental headquarters that directed the Romanian AAA defenses around Ploiesti at this time?
- the weapons that equipped these batteries, in particular the "demiefix" one, the 147th (probably 75mm Skoda vz.28 and German 3,7cm)?
- the type of weapons used by 201st, 218th and 225th Batteries?

Thank you for any help provided.


Posted by: Skarn September 13, 2020 10:22 am

No one? Even for the Romanian regimental AAA HQ that directed the local air defence at this time?

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