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Posted by: dragos August 05, 2004 05:23 pm
by Maria Sinescu

After the liberation of Bessara-bia and of the Northern part of Bukovina from under Soviet occupation, the idea that the justice and the historical truth will triumph penetrated more and more into the souls of the Romanians from all over the country, and stiffened them to prepare for the fight for restoring the Romanian borders, for setting free the millions of people who remained under Horthyst occupation. The liberation of the North-Western part of Romania, that was occupied by the Horthyst Hungary in 1940, with the help of Germany and Italy, has become the belief, the goal of the entire Romanian nation. As the study of the informative and counterinformative reports of the military units reveals, resulted that all Romanians "want Transylvania" and "the reintegration within the ancient Western borders of Romania".

The annulment of the Vienna Diktat and the liberation of the occupied Transylvania have become the primordial issue of all parties and political, democratical and progressive Romanian forces, that, using varied means — the press, the radio, letters addressed to the governmental authorities, leaflets etc. - expressed their firm decision to restore the teritorial integrity of Romania. As according to this issue, a very significant exemple is Iuliu Maniu's message broadcasted in the spring of 1944 to the people who remained in the occupied territory, from which we take the following excerpt: "Transylvania forms an admirable geographical and economic unity. It cannot be neither supressed, nor conquered, nor torn into pieces, but it must follow the path that is imposed to it by its unitary interests, directed by the Romanian majority people. The destruction of the unity represents not only the greatest injustice for the Romanian people, but also a violation of the modern state principles and the break of an activity that in only 22 years has made great and salutary progresses for the civilization in this part of Europe". Finally, the President of the National Peasant Party draw the attention of those who tried to encroach upon our country's land to the fact that "we, the Romanians, shall not tolerate our brothers and our land to be again a victim of the century-old savageness". With reference to this message, Radio London was broadcasting shorthly after that: "All Romanians are very alike Mr. Maniu, as Romania doesn't require but what belongs to it". A very important role in directing the Romanian public opinion had also the press. The newspapers, significantly intitled, as "Campia Libertatii" (Liberty Plain), "Transilvania noastra" (Our Transylvania) a.o. issued a great number of articles in which they maintained awake the national counsciousness of the Romanian, by reminding the words uttered a century for back on the Liberty Plain at Blaj, which were to be spelled as a pray or as a hymn: "The liberty of each people is their supreme good and the nationality is their last remaining liberty". Being encouraged, the Romanians became more and more optimistic, hoping that the integrity of the Motherland will be restored. "Every Romanian native — noticed a counter-informative report of Lugoj garrison in March 1942 — is hoping from one day to another that the hour will come for the liberation of our brothers from the Northern Transylvania".

An important contribution for sustaining "the courage and the firmness among the Romanians from the temporary enslaved Transylvania" had the radio stations "Great Romania" and "Transylvania", that also maintained awake the national counsciousness of the Romanians under the foreign occupation regime. Very impresive and moving are the calls addressed to the Romanians from the occupied part of Transylvania, who were enduring Hungarians' atrocities. "The Romanian people - emphasized a call of the "Great Romania" radio station - have prayed to God always in their language, eversince they have been born on this earth (...) Romanian brothers! Do not lose your hopes. The right for praying to God is a gift nobody can take away from you. Do pray in the middle of he glades, on the peaks of the mounains and near the tombs, do pray every were in our gentle, honeyed Romanian language. Do pray for the Romanian justice that will triumph, do pray for Great Romania, from Dniester to Tisa".

Posted by: kaminski October 06, 2004 11:42 pm
for me was a 23.august 44 was an act of treason.
And the Thuth and the Historical justice never Triumph.

Posted by: Adorjan October 17, 2004 12:09 pm
*** deleted by admin ***

Posted by: Dénes October 17, 2004 04:02 pm
I believe this is the first time an entire message was deleted by Admin and a member outright banned indefinitely. What's happened? Was it about politics, which I believe is the only forbidden topic?

Gen. Dénes

Posted by: dragos October 17, 2004 04:29 pm
Adorjan was Najroda. Any more aliases are banned outright.

The post was one of his usual mockeries.

Posted by: Dénes October 17, 2004 05:26 pm
So far, I did not read this particular post, as its pompous title already gave me a hint of what it might contain.
Now that it stirred controversy, I've read through and I can see why some non-Rumanian members could feel offended by it.
It's particularly the last sentence "...Great[er] Romania, from Dniester to Tisa", which could be interpreted as revisionist and thus offensive.
Several years ago, during the Rumanian National Day celebration in the Rumanian Parliament, when a lawmaker (possibly Adrian Paunescu) included the very same sentence in his speech, the Ambassadors of Ukraine and Hungary immediately left the ceremony in protest.

Gen. Dénes

Posted by: dragos October 17, 2004 05:34 pm
QUOTE (Denes)
It's particularly the last sentence "...Great[er] Romania, from Dniester to Tisa", which could be interpreted as revisionist and thus offensive.

The sentence it's merely a part of the radio broadcast of that time - the "Great Romania" radio station, not an actual opinion.

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