lt. av. Alexandru Paun

Bomber Pilot

Born: 1919


  • 7 May 1943 - 22 April 1944: 78th Bomber Squadron
  • 22 April - 11 September 1944: 4th Bomber Group
  • 11 September - 14 October 1944: 5th Bomber Group
  • 4 March - 12 May 1945: 1st Bomber Group

Combat missions: 88

Victories: -

Decorations: N/A

War episode:

On 30 August 1944, the 78th Bomber Squadron received the mission to bomb a German convoy, which was retreating on the Danube and was shelling the ports it passed by. Lt. av. Andu Paun was part of that formation of five He-111H6s. They took off from Craiova and soon met up with the fighters sent to protect them. However, only four bombers reached the target, between Hinova and Simian. One was lost on the way due to a pilot error. They dropped their load, sunk two ships and damaged several others and then returned safely to their airfield.

Died: 5 February 2006, Bucharest


Author: Victor Nitu
Stoian D. Pumnul tarii - Grupul 5 Bombardament Greu, Editura MODELISM, 1999
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