81.4mm Brandt mortar model 1927/31
81.4mm Brandt mortar model 1927/31.
Calibre 81.4mm
Barrel length 1267.5mm
Weight in action 58.5kg
Weight of barrel 18.5kg
Weight of bipod 18kg
Weight of sight 1.5kg
Weight of base plate 20.5kg
Elevation 45° - 85°
Traverse (depending on elevation) 8° - 12°
Rate of fire 20 rpm
HE shell model 1924/27
Weight of shell 3.310kg
Weight of explosive 400g
Muzzle velocity 174m/s
Maximum range 2850m
High capacity shell model 1935
Weight of shell 6.845kg
Weight of explosive 2.400kg
Muzzle velocity 158m/s
Maximum range 1200m
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