The Ju-88D1 was, like the A4 the best aircraft of its category operated by ARR in WWII.

Romania received 12 Ju-88D1s in 1943 and all were assigned to the elite 2nd Long Range Recon Squadron. They started operations in June and the same month they lost the first airplane to Soviet fighters, over the Azov Sea. Until the end of the year another four were lost. One airplane was used by a Romanian pilot to defect to the Allies, by flying from Mariupol in the Ukraine to Crete.

In 1944, the 2nd Long Range Recon Squadron continued to operate on the front and had eight damaged airplanes, which were returned to the Germans. Another two were lost in accidents.

Thus, on 23 August, the squadron had only four aircraft available. These were engaged in the new anti-Axis campaign. Only one was lost in 1944 and was the last loss of the Romanian Ju-88D1s.

In October 1944, the remnants of the 77th Bomber Squadron, equipped with Ju-88A4s, were joined with the D1s of the 2nd Long Range Recon Squadron in mixed unit which continued to operate until the end of the war.


The Ju-88D1

Wingspan 20.08 m
Length 14.36 m
Height 4.8 m
Weight (empty) 8850 kg
Weight (loaded) 12350 kg max
Maximum speed at 4800 m 484 km/h
Maximum operational ceiling 8199 m
Range 4800 km
Engines 2xJunkers Jumo 211J-1/2 1340 HP
Machine-guns 3x7.92 mm
Crew 4
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