155mm Schneider field gun model 1917
155mm Schneider howitzer M1917
155mm Schneider howitzer M1917
155mm Schneider howitzer M1917 towed by Skoda tractor, in march to Krasnodar, August 1942.
Maximum range17300m
Muzzle velocity665m/s
Shell weight43kg
Weight limbered9900kg
Weight in combat8956kg
Rifle length3691mm
Barrel length4686mm
Rate of fire1 rpm
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Rick Peterson  (29 April 2009)
Gerard Demaison is mistaking the 155 C mle 1917 howitzer with the 155 L mle 1917 gun, both manufactured by Schneider.  The range figure is correct for the latter.

Wesley Thomas  (16 March 2007)
When did Romania take delivery of their "matériel de 155 mle. 1917 Schneider long" (L17S)? Was it a prewar acquisition or did Romania receive stocks of them from the Germans after the Fall of France?

gerard demaison  (29 April 2006)
155mm schneider howitzer mle 1917 ( France and US )
The range in your posting needs to be revised down. It is listed in Ian Hoggs' " Allied Artillery of WW1 ", and in the US Army manuals of WW1 as 11.5 kms or 12.54 yards. Otherwise congratulations for an excellent site. Best regards.