75mm Pak 97/38 anti-tank gun model 1897/38
75mm Pak 97/38 anti-tank gun model 1897/38

The Pak 97/38 anti-tank gun was made by installing the barrel of the French 75mm field gun model 1897, captured by the German Army in France, on the frame of the 50mm Pak. In order to reduce the massive recoil, a muzzle break was screwed onto the barrel. The breech screw mechanism, operated by hand, reduced the rate of fire. Due to the light weight, the gun was easy to be moved by manpower, for this being provided with four towlines and a steerable wheel at the end of the spar ends.

The gun was delivered to Romanian Army starting with fall 1942.

Calibre 75mm
Barrel length 2.72m
Barrel length in calibres L/36
Vertical field of fire -8° +25°
Horizontal field of fire 60°
Weight in action 1,190kg
Weight in march 1,270kg
Shell weight 1) 7,5 cm K Gr Pz (P) - 6.8kg
2) 7,5 cm Gr 38/97 HL/C (f) - 4.8kg
Muzzle velocity 1) 570 m/sec
2) 450 m/sec
Armor penetration 1) 61 mm at 100 m, 58 mm at 1000 m
2) 90 mm
Maximum range 11,000m
Range with barrel at +25° 9,400m
Rate of fire 12-14 rounds/minute
Author: Dragos Pusca
Werner Haupt, German Anti-tank Guns 37mm - 50mm - 75mm - 88mm PAK 1935-1945, Schiffer Military History vol. 24
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