25mm Puteaux anti-tank gun model 1937
25mm Puteaux anti-tank gun model 1937.
Calibre 25x194R mm
Weight 300kg
Length 3.71m
Width 1.05m
Height (at shield) 1.10m
Shield thickness 7mm
Barrel length 1.80m
Rate of fire 25 rpm on fixed target
15 rpm on moving target
Traverse 60°
Elevation -5° to +15°
L.711 telescopic sight magnification 4x
Telescopic sight FOV 10.13°
Telescopic sight range 3450m
Muzzle velocity 920 m/s
Maximum effective range 1500m
Armour penetration 40mm/0° at 500m
32mm/35° at 200m
Accuracy 80x80cm at 800m
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James B. Hughes  (21 November 2008)
A number were transferred to Finland for use in the Continuation War.  These we sold about 1961 or 1962 to Interams of Alexandria, VA by the Finns.