7.62mm Maxim-rus machine-gun model 1910
Maxim-rus heavy machine-gun model 1910.
Standard firing position with Maxim-rus heavy machine-gun.
Raised firing position with Maxim-rus heavy machine-gun.
Weight w/o coolant20.2kg
Weight of carriage35kg
Weight of shield8.4kg
Weight w/ carriage and shield63.6kg
Weight of coolant4kg
Weight of belt (250 rounds)9.63kg
Weight of cartridge M193024.07gr
Weight of bullet M193011.8gr
Weight of powder3.15gr
Overall length1575mm
Barrel length721mm
Length of rifling666mm
Width of machinegun140mm
Height of machinegun356mm
Maximum recoil26 mm
Length of cartridge76.5mm
Length of carriage1100mm
Vertical field of fire-19° to +18°
Horizontal field of fire70°
Muzzle velocity800m/s
Max gas pressure3400kgm
Muzzle energy385kgm
Cyclic rate of fire500-600 rpm
Practical rate of fire250-300 rpm
Max range w/ bullet M19305000m
Max range w/ bullet M19083500m
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