9mm Beretta pistol model 1934
Beretta pistol model 1934
Barrel length88mm
Magazine capacity7 rounds
Cartridge weight6.1gr
Muzzle velocity280m/s
Effective range50m
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Doug Walmsley  (20 March 2010)
I have this model that also has BREVET CARDONE V.T.1941 X1X. Serial number 870068. Is there any way of finding the history of this gun? It was given to me by my uncle who retrieved it from an Italian officer in W.W.II.  Would it be possible to approximate it's value?


John Moss  (19 March 2007)
I think that for this Beretta Model 1934 pistol, you should add that the Romanian contract model has the caliber marking of "9mm Scurt," in Romanian, rather than the normal Italian "9mm Corto."  Just a suggestion.