The Marines

In 1941, the Marine Regiment was made up of three battalions: 15th, 16th and 17th. They were distributed to the smaller detachments of the "Sulina" Naval Detachment. The "Sulina" Detachment consisted of the 16th Marine Battalion, the "Sulina" Coastal Artillery Group (2 batteries) and the naval Artillery Group. The "Periprava" Detachment consisted of the 17th Marine Battalion and a coastal artillery battery and the "Chilia Veche" Detachment of the 15th Marine Battalion and a coastal artillery battery.

In the autumn of the same year, another two marine battalions were created in order to man the "Liman" Naval Detachment and the "Odessa" Naval Detachment. Later a third new battalion was added. The Marine Regiment had 6 battalions.

They were equipped mainly with 6.5 mm Mannlicher model 1893 and 8 mm Mannlicher model 1895 rifles, but there were also some 7.92 mm ZB model 1924.

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